Joey Swoll Stands Up For A Girl With Learning Disabilities

Joey Swoll shared a video and spoke to a young girl who was being bullied.
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Joey Swoll spoke directly to a girl in a video that has been dealing with being bullied.

Bodybuilder Joey Swoll continues to use his platform in a positive way and defend those who are treated unfairly. Recently, Swoll was sent a message from a mother asking for him to speak to her daughter through a video. After learning that the girl was being bullied in school, Swoll was more than happy to speak to her.

Over the years, Swoll has spoken out against “toxic gym culture.” He has built a successful social media platform where he is able to give a voice to those who do not have the same following. In these videos, Swoll has defended those who have been falsely accused of inappropriate behavior or those embarrassed in any way.

“Received this DM today from a Mother worried about her little girl being bullied at school leaving her in tears everyday. As you all know, I DON’T LIKE BULLIES. I immediately sent a video back to Payton.

The video made Payton so happy that she called her grandparents to tell them and is so excited to go to school tomorrow to tell everyone about Uncle Joey! Payton we ALL love you! Be strong! 🙏🏼❤️.”


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Joey Swoll Sends Video To Girl After Being Bullied

Joey Swoll received a message on Instagram from a mother who was looking for a message sent to her daughter. Payton, a 13-year-old girl with learning disabilities, was dealing with other students targeting her weight and this caused her to become upset each day coming home from school.

This is something that Swoll wanted to address directly:

“I heard you’re having a time tough at school with some bullies. Uncle Joey does not like bullies. You are a beautiful, beautiful young woman. Do not pay attention to anything those boys or those girls say. You have to remember, hurt people hurt people. Those people are hurting inside and taking it out on you. It’s not okay. They shouldn’t do that. Just remember, I have your back, your mother has your back, and good people have your back.


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Joey Swoll advised Payton to keep love in her heart and know that there is an army behind her.

“Keep love in your heart, kindness in your heart. If they keep messing with you, Uncle Joey may have to take a trip up north to handle this. Have an amazing week. You have an amazing mother. Much love.”

Joey Swoll continues to use his voice and his platform in a big way for those who are treated unfairly and need positivity.

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