Joey Swoll Reacts To Female TikToker Making Fun Of Older Man At The Gym: “You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself”


Joey Swoll continues to promote good culture in the gym.

Joey Swoll continues to spread the word against toxic gym culture by reacting to videos found online. Recently, Swoll spoke out against a female TikToker who posted a video making fun of an old man who was working out at the gym.

TikTok has grown exponentially over the last two years and it can be used in multiple ways. This includes lifting videos, which causes those to film while in the gym. Videos are meant to be positive but there are many that show the wrong side of people. In this particular video, user Gwinie_the_pooh did not come off in a good light.

Swoll, who has built a following of 6.2 million on TikTok, has always defended those who are unfairly put in a negative light. Over the last month, there was a video made of a female influencer accusing a man of staring but Swoll stepped in to react to the video. The woman has issued an apology for her reaction.

Joey Swoll: “Your Gym Should Kick Your Ass Out”

In the video, the female caught a glimpse of an old man working out in the background. She was making fun of this and Joey Swoll felt strongly about this.

“So now we are making fun of the way an elderly man works out? Really? You should be ashamed of yourself and we wonder why so many people want filming banned in all gyms.”

When a video goes viral, there are many sides taken in the comment section. This is especially true if it is controversial in one way or another. In this particular example, many commenters were defending the man working out.

“I’ll tell you what was pretty cool though, to see the comments on that post, all the people defending that man and telling you to leave him alone as you should.”


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There have been many instances where men have acted in an inappropriate way. In some extreme cases, there was a strange voicemail left on the phone of a female gym-goer. There have been other cases where females are approached in strange ways while working out. Gyms have the right to take action and revoke memberships if they feel it is extreme.

Since TikTok has taken over, there has been an increase in filming in the gym. This has cause some issues but there are ways around it if those act appropriately. In this case, the female did not and Joey Swoll believes there should be action taken.

“To this young woman, you owe that man an apology and I really hope you’re accountable enough to do so. Otherwise, your gym should kick your a** out. You need to do better. Mind your own business.”

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