The Spectator’s Guide to Jon Jones’ Physique

The Jon “Bones” Jones Physique

If you keep up with the UFC, you’ll know Jon Jones just made history by winning the most consecutive title fights in UFC history.

He outfought Dominick Reyes in a questionable unanimous decision.

I was lucky enough to witness the Jones vs. Reyes fight live in-person. All the fights were awesome, and it’s crazy to see all the turmoil these fighters put their bodies through. It’s definitely inspiring to watch and made me want to hit my workouts harder.

Many people are in the gym every day, but they don’t have the physique of Jones. You want to get rewarded for all the hard work you put into the gym. You don’t want to work out just for the sake of working out.

But, I also have a feeling you don’t want to take punches to the face. Well here’s the good news, you don’t have to, and you can still build the body of one of the best fighters of all time.

If you’re like me, you want a body like Jon Jones, but you want to stay a spectator of the sport and not put your body in harm’s way.

Here’s what separates Jones from the average guy in the gym (aside from being arguably the best UFC fighter of all time).

How Big is Jon Jones?

Jon Jones stands at a towering 6 foot 4 inches tall and weighs a crisp 205 pounds. He’s got a dominating wingspan that’s 7’1″. That explains all the crazy flying elbows and punches he does that leave his foes knocked unconscious on the canvas.

Jon Jones fights in the light heavyweight division in the UFC which caps off at 205 pounds.

Jones comes from a wrestling background and was a state champion in high school.

Key Characteristics of Jon Jones’ Body

After analyzing fighters, you’ll notice the top fighters all have long wingspans. Wingspans are especially important for fighting because it gives you a longer range for strikes.

As mentioned, Jones’ wingspan is absolutely insane. He’s already tall at 6’4″, but his wingspan is ghastly.

Jon Jones has a lean, long physique which allows him to fight at the highest level. He’s explosive and fast.

Not only does Jones look the part of a fighter, but his body is powerful. You don’t only want to look good, but you want your body to be a physical beast as well.

Jon Jones’ Diet

As a UFC fighter, you have to be pretty strict with your diet because these guys are cutting massive amounts of weight to be able to fight in their weight division. As Jones states “I don’t do any cheating day. I want to show everyone that my success was not temporary.” Although, he does admit to eating some cake from time to time.

Jones eats a balanced diet of protein, fats, and carbs. He eats the typical clean diet containing lean meat, vegetables, fruit, healthy fats, and quality carbs. He makes sure to include eggs, chicken, and a protein shake in his daily meal.

Although with his fight against Reyes, Jones made a radical switch to a nearly all-vegan diet. He reported that about 80 percent of his meals were plant-based.

Jon Jones’ Workout Routine

Jon Jones likes to stick to big compound movements like squats and deadlifts to build muscle and strength. If you’ve ever seen Jones fight, you’ll know he’s extremely explosive. His training camp makes sure to include power exercises into his regimen.


  • Power Cleans 5 reps x 5 sets
  • Barbell Push Press 8 reps x 5 sets
  • Lying leg curl 6 sets x 6 reps
  • Depth Dumbbell Snatch 4 sets x 4 reps
  • Ring Twists 3 sets x 4 reps ea. side
  • Clean From Knees W/Jump 3 sets x 10 reps
  • Medicine Ball Supersets x 3 rounds
    • Power Ball Up x 5 reps
    • Sprawl and Jump x 8 reps
    • Plyo Pushup x 8 reps

His workout routine is built to get you strong and powerful. He does low reps and uses heavyweight. He doesn’t do too many exercises but instead focuses on getting really strong on a few exercises.

Jones pushes his intensity past 100%. Just watch this video of him deadlifting 600 pounds!?!? That’s outrageous for only weighing 205 pounds.

As for cardio, it wouldn’t hurt for you to get some punches and kicks in on a punching bag or with a workout partner who can hold mitts for you.

This will burn some extra calories and make you feel like a real fighter without hurting your pretty face. But if you want to spar and get the inside scoop of a fraction of what these fighters go through, by all means, do so and let us know how it goes.

*PSA: I’ve sparred before, and it’s only fun when you’re better than the other guy. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

The Champ is Here

Jon Jones is one of the best fighters of all time, and you can learn a thing or two from his workout routine and building his incredible physique. And you can do this all without stepping a foot inside the octagon (unless you want to).

What it comes down to is following a balanced diet with limited cheat meals, training to increase your strength and power, and going all out on your lifts.

Train hard, train smart. 

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