Joseph Baena Catches Costa Rica vs. Brazil Live In Copa America Opener

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Joseph Baena showed off his love for soccer during the opener of the event in Los Angeles.

Joseph Baena has shown a love for many things with fitness being at the top of the list. He displayed an ability to ballroom dance while on Dancing With the Stars and recently, gave a look into his love for sports. Baena attended the opening match of Copa America 2024 between Brazil and Costa Rica in Los Angeles on Monday.

This is not the first time that Baena was featured in the soccer world. During a trip to Germany in May, he joined Willi Orban of RB Leipzig for a workout at the team’s facility and was gifted a jersey of his own.


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On Monday, he arrived at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles to catch the match between two storied teams.

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Baena shared a story on Instagram showing the view from his seat. A match full of energy lacked scoring at it ended in a scoreless draw, which was a bit of a surprise for fans of Brazil. It was able to send three shots on goal while Costa Rica did not tally one.

Joseph Baena Instagram

Joseph Baena Continues Passion For Fitness

Joseph Baena announced prior to the New Year that he would be sharing his first training program. After receiving many requests, Baena officially put together a plan to help others better themselves this year.

Baena announced the launch of this program on social media on Saturday. Within this program, it will allow users to track weight and reps, ensuring that they are making the right amount of progress. It is a four-week program that has a split of 4-6 days of upper body, lower body, push, pull and legs workouts.

This helps Baena continue his work of working with others to improve their physiques. It also furthers the notion that he is always working to improve himself as well.


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