Generation Iron Kai Greene Back Workout

Kai’s Killer Back.

Can you feel it? The energy. The excitement. The burning fire deep within. It’s the Mr. Olympia competition calling. It’s almost here and things are going to start blowing up real fast. The world’s best are only weeks away from taking the stage and fighting for the title of “best bodybuilder in the world.” Will it be Phil Heath’s fifth year? Or will the constant runner up Kai finally give Phil a run for his money?

One thing’s for sure: Kai Greene is going to make one hell of a showing and whether he wins or loses – his shredded physique will still be a powerhouse motivator for all of us out there in the seats . Do you want to start looking massive like Kai Greene? Well, we have one piece of the puzzle for you so you can start making your way to shredded gains.

We have Kai Greene’s Mr. Olympia worthy back workout courtesy of Flex Online that will start pumping you up to killer levels of muscle and mass. While there’s no one magic workout that will get you looking like a pro – it can’t hurt to try out some moves from one of the world’s best. So what are you waiting for? Check it out below:


Wide-grip Pullup 4 sets, 8–15 reps
Lat Pulldown 4 sets, 8–15 reps
Barbell Row 4 sets, 8–15 reps
T-bar Row 4 sets, 8–15 reps
Seated Cable Row 4 sets, 8–15 reps


And if you want to get fired up while you power through that back workout – get even more pumped with this motivational bodybuilding rivalry video. Who will win in 2015?

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