Men’s 212 Olympia Kamal Elgargni talks Flex Lewis and if he wishes he had a chance to face Flex Lewis at Olympia 2019.

Kamal Elgargni has been a rising star in the Men’s 212 division over the past few years. He landed some key victories at the Arnold Classic and eventually became Men’s 212 Olympia champion in 2019. The one catch, of course, is that Flex Lewis was not competing at the Olympia 2019. Lewis won seven consecutive Olympia titles – so would Kamal been able to earn a victory had Lewis been competing? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Kamal Elgargni explains whether or not he wishes that Flex Lewis was competing at the Olympia 2019.

There’s no denying that Kamal Elgargni is an excellent bodybuilder who deserves his Olympia 2019 title. But much like the criticism Brandon Curry faced in 2019 due to lack of other competitors, one wonders how the Men’s 212 would have played out if Flex Lewis was still on stage.

Of course, unlike the Men’s Open, Flex Lewis’ absence wasn’t due to a last minute injury or legal trouble. It was because he had retired from the division all together and was transitioning to the Men’s Open. So there are no “ifs” or “buts” about the validity of Kamal’s victory.

That being said, the opportunity to prove yourself against the best in the world is a strong one. Does Kamal Elgargni regret not being able to face Flex Lewis one last time? The last time he faced off against Flex Lewis, Kamal received third place at the Olympia 2018. It would have certainly been interesting to see if he could rise up and even over Flex Lewis for a powerhouse victory.


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Kamal Elgargni on the road to Olympia 2020 (above).

During our conversation with Kamal Elgargni, we reflected on his Men’s 212 Olympia win and how he has been preparing for another win at the upcoming competition this December. But we also asked him about Flex Lewis.

“Yeah, of course. To be honest, this is always me. I’ve always wanted to compete with the best,” Kamal Elgargni stated in our interview. He continued:

“So yeah, you want to compete with the best. I mean, that year, okay, I came third when he competed and then the next year he stepped back. So it was a pleasure, to be honest, to compete. Thank god that he, actually, that I competed against him. So at least, you know yourself, you are with the best. So I would love to. I mean, I would tell him now to just come back!”

Spoken like a true pro athlete, Kamal would have welcomed a challenge in the form of Flex Lewis. To get another chance to prove he can beat the previous best, perhaps even considered to be the best of all time, is one that Kamal wouldn’t think twice about.

Sadly, it’s not likely we will ever see Kamal Elgargni and Flex Lewis face off again. That is unless Kamal one day decides to move up into the Men’s Open category. With no word on that – for now all Kamal can do is move forward and prepare to face off against the rest of the Men’s 212 competition. Just like him, the others will be hungry to prove their worth against the best. We’ll see in December if Kamal defend his title.

You can watch Kamal Elgargni’s full comments about Flex Lewis in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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