PNBA Kay Wiseman’s 2022 Natural Olympia Training Highlights

Kay Wiseman Natural Olympia training
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PNBA Australian athlete Kay Wiseman details 2022 Natural Olympia prep. 

We’re less than two weeks away from the most significant natural bodybuilding show of the year, Natural Olympia. Natural Olympia takes place November 10-13, 2022, in Las Vegas, NV. International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA)/Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) athletes are in contest prep. They’re ramping up their training and cutting back on calories to ensure they appear on stage in the best condition possible. PNBA Women’s Physique and Figure Classic competitor Kay Wiseman gave us insight into how her 2022 Natural Olympia prep is going. 

Kay Wiseman is the mother of Angela Wiseman. They both serve in the armed forces of Australia. Kay Wiseman competed in INBA Australian Nationals on October 29, 2022, placing second in the Women’s Physique and Figure Classic divisions. 

Kay Wiseman Natural Olympia Training Questions (Q) and Answers (A)

Generation Iron got in touch with Kay Wiseman to ask questions regarding her prep for the 2022 Natural Olympia. The questions we asked and her responses are below. 

Q: How’s your 2022 contest prep been for the 2022 natural bodybuilding season? 

Wiseman: “I’ve had a great prep leading into this year’s competition season, starting with a new coach 12 months ago with the goal to compete at INBA PNBA Natural Olympia this year.” 

Q: What do you expect going into the show, e.g., mindset, etc.?

Wiseman: “I am feeling positive coming into this year’s season. I’ve been working on strategies to improve my stage performance and confidence and feel this has been really beneficial for me.”

Kay Wiseman’s Training 

Kay Wiseman’s shifted her training, which has included more powerlifting movements, after working with her coach Scott Hipwell, a personal trainer from Muscle Hut off Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Wiseman stated:

“Working with Scott Hipwell from Muscle Hut on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast has seen my training focus change a little, including more power lifts to challenge me in a different way. Scott has managed training and nutrition over the 12 months, allowing me plenty of food to fuel my workouts whilst still leaning down. I have come into this competition season in better condition than I have ever been in. 

I am excited to be heading over to compete in the INBA PNBA Natural Olympia again this year, also fitting in INBA PNBA World Cup the week before.”

Below is a video of Kay Wiseman performing pull-ups


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2022 Natural Olympia

The 2022 Natural Olympia is a bit different from the 2021 Natural Olympia. The prizes will still be significant, including a new grand prize (last year, they gave away a Harley-Davidson). And elite contenders will be coming from many countries. But the competition is even fiercer this year in the Men’s Bodybuilding division. 

6x Natural Olympia champ Kiyoshi Moody will return after eight years of retirement. In addition, the 2020 Natural Olympia champ Meshack Ochieng and reigning champion Paul Krueger will also be there. 

Moreover, the division is stacked with many other worthy contenders, such as PNBA Hall of Famer Chad Martin. He will be making his 19th Natural Olympia appearance this year and competing with guys he’s known for 20 years. And multi-media athlete Peter Cichonski will be there too. 

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