Top Benefits Of Kettlebell Training & Why You Should Use Them


Kettlebells are great exercise tools to enhance strength and really see those gains come to life.

With so many exercises and machines to try, our potential for growth is very much doable. Often times knowing the right workouts to do can be overwhelming, but taking a step back and prioritizing just what our goals are is important to understand what we need out of our own training. For some of us, the best training comes from simple and convenient pieces of exercise equipment. This is where a kettlebell can greatly enhance our gains and kettlebell training is a perfect way to enhance our health and fitness.

Working many muscle groups in a highly effective way, kettlebells are sure to offer a variety of exercises to enhance growth in multiple areas. With an increased effort to provide workouts and classes, kettlebells have become the focus of many trainers as they seek the best for their clients to improve all aspects of their training.

Let’s take a closer look at what kettlebells are, the benefits surrounding them, and great workouts to enhance all aspects of your training and performance. You won’t be disappointed by what you find from kettlebell training.

What Is A Kettlebell?

A kettlebell is a round free weight with a flat bottom and rounded handle for enhanced grip which is beneficial for a number of exercises. Similar to a dumbbell, it can used in a variety of ways for great variations to your workouts. The center of mass extends from the handle which gives kettlebells the opportunity to be swung, pressed, curled, held, and moved in a number of ways.

Many kettlebell companies will advertise their products as perfectly balanced, which is important for these movements to offer you better balance and grip for safety and a more advanced and effective workout.

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Benefits Of Kettlebell Training

Full Body Workout

Kettlebells offer the chance to get a full body workout for strength, endurance, and flexibility by being versatile for a number of workouts. Anything from deadlifts, lunges, and swings can work multiple muscles and greatly improve muscle growth and weight loss (1).

Promote Strength & Power

With kettlebell training, your chances at lean muscle mass and power greatly increase by performing higher reps at a more intense pace. Instead of seriously bulking up by doing big lifts, kettlebell training can really grow that lean muscle mass to give you that shredded physique to make your muscles pop. With this more intense style of training, your power output will increase as well to give you better effectiveness for those power driven sports (2).

Improved Balance, Stability, and Coordination

By working your core and forcing you to stay engaged and upright, kettlebell training can improve balance, stability, and coordination. These workouts force you to stay grounded in a solid, athletic position which makes you focus on form and enhance mind-muscle connection to work those deeper muscles and smaller stabilizer muscles that are great for enhancing strength and balance (3).

Simple & Convenient

Kettlebells are simple and convenient exercise tools to use, requiring no change in weights and less time sifting through to find the appropriate weight to use. As you increase muscle mass, you can work your way up to heavier kettlebells and more advanced workouts, only enhancing the above benefits even more.


Great Kettlebell Workouts


Kettlebell deadlifts are great variations of a traditional barbell deadlift and allows you to build strength and muscular endurance without the hassle of a barbell. Great for targeting the hamstrings, glutes, calves, and quads, this will also strengthen your core to help your lower back for support. These allow you to use heavier weight and can help with form for other lifts. By keeping your back in an isometric position, it will improve posture by not changing the length of the muscle after contraction.


Using kettlebells along with your lunge exercise will offer the same benefits of a lunge while also allowing you to comfortably add weight for increased growth. These will work your core and back muscles, as well as many lower body groups like your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Building not only size and strength, kettlebell lunges can work for weight loss and balance as well.


Kettlebell swings are a solid way to boost cardio while aiding in strength, weight loss, and better posture. A total full body workout, kettlebell swings work your lower body muscles (quads, hamstrings, and glutes), upper body muscles (lats, shoulders, and arms), and your core. This exercise will give you a great boost and as you grow stronger, you will notice a serious change in weight used for your desired kettlebell.

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Prices vary depending on weight but there are 21 options to choose from ranging from 9 lbs. ($69.99) to 203 lbs. ($424.99).

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Wrap Up

Kettlebell training is a great way to change up your routine to see desired growth and everything you want out of your training. By increasing strength and size, promoting weight loss, working on balance and stability, and aiding in better posture, kettlebells have grown in popularity and for good reason. A great addition to your home gym, kettlebells will surely fire you up on all cylinders and work to benefit your health and fitness greatly.

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