Larry Wheels And Jesse James West Race To lift 100,000 Pounds In 60 Minutes

Jesse James West

Larry Wheels accepted the challenge from Jesse James West for a unique workout challenge.

Larry Wheels is known for his insane feats of strength in the gym. When you have this level of power, there are different workouts and challenges that get thrown at you. In a recent video, fitness star Jesse James West decided to take Wheels on in a workout challenge that forces you to lift 100,000 pounds in one hour.

Wheels has taken on different challenges and PRs during his career. He has accepted and defeated many, including a bench press challenge offered by Hafthor Bjornsson. Recently, Wheels has been off steroids and going on testosterone replacement therapy. He has shared many physique updates since his time on TRT.

As for Jesse James West, he has been collaborating with some of the biggest names in bodybuilding, such as Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman. Now, he has been seen with a huge challenge with Wheels.

Larry Wheels

Larry Wheels and Jesse James West Take On A Unique Workout 

Before the workout began, Jesse James West made sure to lay out the rules. When going through it, the requirements were not just lifting. There were some houses for cardio as well and a prize at the end.

“We are going to be racing to see who could lift 100,000 pounds first. For every mile you run, you add 10,000 pounds to your current total. Sixty minutes on the clock Larry, winner gets $1,000 US.”

In a challenge against Wheels, West decided to use some strategy rather than battling strength and size.


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“Listen, Larry might be bigger than me, but I’m going to be more intelligent right now. We’re going to five sets of bench and 10 sets of curls. That’s 350 pounds 10 times, 3,500.”

In the end, Wheels began pulling away by reaching 50,000 pounds while West was still at 38,000. The fitness influencer began catching up around the 80,000-pound mark but Larry Wheels ended up using his endurance toward the end.

The final workouts for Wheels consisted of barbell curls and lat pulldowns in order to reach 100,000. This is another victory for Larry Wheels, who continues to secure superhuman strength during his time on TRT.

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