Bodybuilding Veteran Lee Labrada Shows Off Shredded Quads At “62 Years Young”

lee labrada muscle after 50

Bodybuilding legend Lee Labrada continues to hit quads at the gym hard in retirement.

Lee Labrada has a long history of competing against some of the elite bodybuilders of all-time. He enjoyed a high-level physique of his own with strong conditioning over the course of his career. Now, Labrada continues to crush workouts in the gym during retirement.

Labrada saw a long career of battles with Olympia champions such as Lee Haney and Dorian Yates. Once his time on stage was done, Labrada became CEO of “Labrada Nutrition” and helps others become the best version of themselves. He has found ways to keep his physique in tact and showed it off in a recent workout video.

Lee Labrada took to Instagram to share a video during a quad workout where his legs are looking extremely shredded.

“62 years young and I keep on climbing, by the grace of God. Working out revitalizes next. I love the energy in the gym. Every day is a new day, an opportunity to get better. Win the day! @hunterlabrada I hope you enjoy the new song Keep on Climbing from my band’s new release, listen to it on Spotify.”


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Lee Labrada has been training some top competitors as of late. This includes Terrence Ruffin when the two were seen hitting some different poses. During his time on stage, Labrada was known for his incredible routines. Of course, Labrada is the father of Men’s Open star Hunter Labrada.

Over the last year, Hunter Labrada has turned into one of the best bodybuilders in Men’s Open. He finished fourth at the 2021 Olympia after a victory at the 2021 Chicago Pro. This year, he will look to take the next step into the top three or even higher. Lee Labrada believes that his son is destined to win an Olympia title over the course of his career.

With all of the dangers in bodybuilding recently, Lee Labrada has been working to find ways to improve the sport and physiques with diets and workout plans. He is a time example that the work is paying off as he continues to maintain a championship-level physique.

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