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Libby Powell is not only a WBFF bikini pro champion, but she is also a fitness model and social media personality. Balancing this type of lifestyle is not the easiest, but Powell does it all. The Australian born champ has a list of achievements and statistics that you may not know!

We are going to cover everything Libby Powell.

Full Name: Libby Powell (WBFF Bikini Competitor)

Weight Height Date Of Birth
135 lbs 5’7″ 12/14/1992
Division Era Nationality
Bikini 2010s



Libby Powell Biography

Born in Australia in December of 1992, Libby Powell has always wanted to be a model, even in her younger days. She sure made that dream come true. Working at club LIV in Australia to support herself while searching for modeling gigs, Powell is clearly goal driven.

Not much public information was given about her family or childhood. However, she did complete her schooling in Australia, although the school is unknown. She also has a daughter, Zyla, and a boyfriend who remains unknown.

Joining Instagram in March of 2012 and grossing over 1 million followers to date, Powell has made a career out of her competing and social media presence. Shortly after launching her modeling career, she was named a Glamcorp Dream Team member at the Las Vegas Model Search International. Also, being a WBFF Bikini champion is one accomplishment many strive for. Not to mention, she was named Miss February in a 2015 the Australian Swimsuit Calendar. Powell also was featured as the cover model of Zoo magazine.

Libby Powell Competition History

Photo via Instagram @libbypowell_

Powell is a WBFF Bikini Pro champion. She competed in the 2010 era. Now she focuses on her social media presence, which grows by the day. Modeling seems to have become her main point of interest.


Libby has actually never shared her specific workouts. This is unfortunate, because I am sure many would love to see just exactly what her routine looks like. Many people look at influencers and competitors to try and replicate their workouts in order to obtain a similar physique.

While Libby has not shared her workouts in explicit detail, she has given an outline of what she does to stay in shape. So, let’s take a look at Libby Powell’s training outline.

Weight Training

Starting with weight training, Libby goes to the gym on average about 5-6 times per week. She typically takes one day to rest and recover. This does change depending on where she is at competition wise. It is recommended to take at least one rest day a week in order to let your body recover from the workouts.

As any competitor does, Libby reduces the workload as she gets closer to competitions. This is done in order to avoid losing muscle. You do not want to lose too much muscle leading up to a competition. The goal is to be as muscular as possible, but remain with exceptional condition.

During the off-season, the workload tends to change a little bit and her workouts will look a little different. Libby keeps her volume a little bit higher during her workouts. She does over 20 sets of exercises per workout during this time. Some may say that this is too much, but it clearly is doing something for her, in a good way.

Photo via Instagram: @libbypowell_

She keeps her rep ranges between 8 and 16. When she is trying to stay lean, Libby focuses on higher reps with lighter weight. The off-season typically involves heavier weight with lower reps.


Libby hits cardio alongside her weight training. On average, she is doing cardio 2-3 times per week. However this is also subject to change depending on where she is at competition wise.

As any competitor knows, you have to increase cardio leading up to a contest. This is what Libby does. She will increase cardio as the show date closes in. Then, when she is bulking she eases off a little bit.

Libby’s got a few reasons for her cardio. One is it helps her keep a fast metabolism. Another reason is that cardio contributes to her overall health. It also boosts stamina and endurance.

Pro Tip: Cardio is definitely something that may not be a bad idea to incorporate into your workouts year round. Even when bulking, you want to keep yourself healthy. This does not mean you need to do excessive cardio. Just enough to stay healthy!

Stretching/Rest Days

Libby enjoys stretching after each and every gym session. Quite honestly, this is something any gym goer should do.

Stretching prevents the lactic acid from building up in the body. It also boosts blood flow, but more specifically to Libby it keeps her flexible.


Libby is keen on good nutrition. Her diet consists of lots of lean meats, good fats, and complex carbs that have fiber to improve digestion. Libby’s diet also consists of fish, eggs, vegetables, and chicken.

She tries to avoid junk foods and sugars. Although, she does take one cheat day a week. On her cheat day she can eat pretty much whatever she wants. But, she stays within limits and doesn’t go nuts with terrible food.

Take a look at Libby’s Meal Diary here:


Libby Powell uses whey protein. She also uses the basics like multivitamins, fish oil capsules. and sometimes a fat burner. The fat burner would be utilized more so during contest prep.

Personal Life

As stated before, not much is known about Libby’s personal life. We do know that she was born and raised, and also went to school in Australia. Powell had interest in being a model from a young age, and worked at club LIV while beginning her modeling career.

Aside from that, it is known that Libby has a tattooed boyfriend and daughter, Zyla. We also can see that Libby travels in her free time. Whether that be for her modeling or leisure, we can see some of the destinations she goes to on her Instagram.


Balancing a lifestyle of being a pro bikini competitor, fitness model, social media personality, and having a social life can be difficult. Libby Powell does it all. From a young age she wanted to be a model, and she made it happen. She rose to the top in the fitness industry within just a few years of being on the scene. Overall, we can clearly see that Libby Powell is a goal driven individual. That is something we can all take from her.

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