10 Life Lessons Bodybuilding Can Teach You

Life Lessons Bodybuilding Can Teach You

The Timeless Bodybuilding Life Teachings

You go to the gym to build muscle – this is how most people sum up working out. The psychological benefits of lifting weights are often undermined as usually only the physiological advantages are broadcasted by the fitness industry.

If you let it, working out can turn into a meditative and self-reflective activity. Through this article, we want to draw your attention to the life lessons bodybuilding can teach you if you pay attention.

Accept Your Weaknesses

You can only craft a proportional physique if you’re willing to work on your lagging muscles. Most people have a lagging muscle group, and until they accept their weaknesses and work on them, they can’t ahead in the game.

Have a Plan

Not having a plan before you start a business, join a gym or even step out of your house for that matter is going to get you nowhere. Write down your goals and devise strategies to achieve them. Having a gym nearby or investing into a home gym will provide massive long term benefits.

It’s All About The Reps

Whatever your goal might be, the best way of getting good at what you do is to do more of it. As you do more reps, you’ll start working on the form and quality. Do the work until it becomes second nature.


The Governator brought the concept of mind-muscle connection to the limelight. Don’t just do the work, ‘become’ the work and have a tunnel vision while you’re at it. If you let small distractions break your focus, you’re not going to go a long way.

Failure is Your Friend

Most people are too afraid of pushing their boundaries in the gym or their field of work. The more often you hit failure, the wider your horizons are going to get. Don’t be afraid of failing and you’ll be surprised by what you can achieve.

Follow A Deadline

Once you have a goal in place, you should set a deadline for yourself. It’s best to keep the deadline ambitious as it’ll push you to put in your best. Have provisions for regular assessments of your progress, and re-plan when need be.

Don’t Just Show Up

Some people think that showing up to the gym is enough to build muscle or lose weight. Contrary to this belief, arriving at work is 10% of the equation. Push yourself and everyone around you to do their best work.

Keep Learning

With the advancement in science and research, almost every field is going through massive transformations every few years. You should keep your head out for new techniques that can help you improve your productivity and results.

Work is Directly Proportional To Results

Bodybuilding is a fairly straightforward sport and has a direct cause and effect relationship. If you put in the work, you’ll be getting appropriate results for it. You might not see the results yet, but they will surely come.


“Rome wasn’t built in a day” – remember this whenever you think you’re not seeing any progress in the gym or at work. Building something meaningful can take months – if not years – and you need to be patient and perseverant.

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