Martyn Ford Down 58 Pounds Since Boxing Training Began: ‘Getting Back To Feeling 21 Again’

Martyn Ford has seen significant changes in his physique since he began boxing prep.

Martyn Ford might not be fighting the Iranian Hulk anymore but this does not mean that he will stop training the way he has been, especially when he is seeing incredible results. Ford has admitted that he has lost 58 pounds since he began training like a boxer.

Ford took to social media to express how he is feeling the best he has in years. Ford was training with heavy weights and this is how he has built incredible mass. Once he made the transition to boxing, Ford was able to cut weight but maintained his shredded physique.

Lifting big ass weights VS Boxing …… 360lbs vs 302 lb ….. October I started this journey, and like anything I’ve done in life that I’ve really wanted to do, I’ve given absolutely EVERYTHING and more. This is by far the best and healthiest I’ve felt in years, getting back to feeling 21 again is insane …. if you have a serious goal to achieve get in touch today …. link in BIO …”


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It was announced two weeks ago that Martyn Ford would no longer be taking with the Iranian Hulk. Ford made the announcement via Instagram explaining that the event is still on but he would not be featured. There will now be a new main event for the night of boxing on April 30 at the O2 Arena in London.

The Iranian Hulk did not take well to this announcement responding that the cancellation came from Ford’s side and he was going to sue. Ford made a statement once again explaining that the fight was canceled for health and safety reasons along with concerns about mental well-being following a television interview by Sajad Gharibi.

Before the fight was canceled, Ford was sharing videos of his training. He was focusing on speed and agility rather than strength like he has in the past. Clearly, this led to a major physique change and this is something that Ford is interested in maintaining.

Martyn Ford has been linked to other opponents but it is unknown who he will take on in the ring. It seems like Ford still has a chance to step in the ring in the coming months.

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