INSIDE LOOK: How Matt Jansen Is Preparing Nick Walker To Improve In 2021

Matt Jansen recounts how he started training Nick Walker and their tactic for improving for the New York Pro 2021 and beyond.

Nick Walker is a pro bodybuilder that got put under a spotlight almost immediately. His massive physique can be described as nothing less than a force of nature. At a young age and early in his career, the kind of immediate attention he has cultivated is a rarity. With that kind of attention on his every move, how does he deal with the pressure? And how is he preparing for his next showings in 2012. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, coach Matt Jansen gives us a brief inside look into what Nick Walker is improving to dominate in 2021.

Late last year we spoke with Nick Walker just before he was gunning to qualify for the Mr. Olympia 2020. That didn’t end up happening – but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t left an impression. His physique has been favorably compared to Dorian Yates by fans. His name instantly rose to the top of bodybuilding media headlines. He became an instant start at a very young time in his career.

With that kind of pressure, it’s easy to burn out. We’ve seen prodigy bodybuilders before fall to the wayside. Is this Nick Walker’s fate? Or will he rise up to the challenge and become a true phenom? We connected with Walker’s trainer, Matt Jansen, to discuss their training plans for 2021 and beyond.

Matt Jansen briefly recounts how he met Nick Walker and became his coach. He agrees that Walker showcases a level of genetics and dedication that is very rare even in pro bodybuilding. Jansen knew that there was a future champion behind all of that muscle.

Check out our latest GI Exclusive segment with Nick Walker above!

While Jansen acknowledges Nick Walker’s incredible potential, he’s also not blind to the improvements that need to be made. Beyond Walker’s promise at a young age, Jansen tackles training tactics the same way he would any other bodybuilder. He even gave us an inside look as to what weaknesses they are working on to improve in 2021.

After Nick Walker’s last show, the biggest criticism they received from the judges was about his posing. They felt his mandatory poses and routine simply weren’t up to par. You can have the greatest physique in the world but if you don’t know how to display it properly, you’ll still fall short.

Matt Jansen has been putting extra focus on Nick Walker’s posing training. They want to find the best way to work with his specific aesthetic so that he can present the best version of his physique. This might mean opening up a little less on some of his poses. We’ve spoken to bodybuilders in the past who warn of the dire consequences of ignoring posing. Nick Walker and Matt Jansen understand this as well and are taking it seriously.

On top of his posing training, Matt Jansen also wants to try and alleviate any stress caused by the attention Nick Walker is receiving. “He’s still just a kid,” Jansen states at one point. He wants to let Walker still be a kid so he doesn’t burn out.

Jansen goes on to note that Nick Walker is the kind of competitor who takes his career very seriously. So sometimes Jansen needs to help him relax a bit. He doesn’t want to extinguish that drive. But he also wants to make sure that the constant pressure doesn’t lead to a full on collapse when it’s showtime.

You can watch Matt Jansen go into more detail about his relationship to Nick Walker and his coaching plans with him in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!