Michal Krizo Trains Legs At Legendary Gold’s Gym

michal krizo leg workout

Michal Krizo will put the finishing touches on his legs ahead of the Olympia!

It has been a successful, action-packed year for Michal Krizo and he is now in the home stretch. During his prep, Krizo visited the legendary Gold’s Gym for a leg workout.

In July, Krizo made the jump from the IFBB Elite Pro League and NPC in hopes of becoming a the Olympia champion. He quickly earned his Pro Card during the Amateur Olympia Italy before winning the EVLS Prague Pro, which was his first show and allowed him to punch his ticket to the biggest competition of the year.

Since bursting onto the scene, bodybuilding legends, such as Jay Cutler and Milos Sarcev, have raved about the physique of Krizo after seeing him pose in person. Now, Krizo is showing off yet another workout.

Michal Krizo Visits Gold’s Gym For Leg Workout

Michal Krizo visited Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, CA for a workout that focused on his quads. Krizo took to YouTube to share his workout but did not specify the number of sets or reps for each movement.

In the video, you can see Krizo performing hack squats to begin the workout. This is an exercise that pumps up the quads and gets blood flowing for the rest of the workout. He then moved onto different deadlifts and squat variations.

Michal Krizo has put the bodybuilding world on notice due to his insane size and conditioning. There are some improvements to be made but Krizo has massive arms and has been working to fine tune his legs. By the looks of this workout, it is a priority and he will continue to put the finishing touches on his physique before December.

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