Natty Vs Steroids: Can The Naturals Measure Up?

Can a natural ever be as huge as an enhanced bodybuilder?

If you’re a modern bodybuilding fan then it’s pretty likelihood you’ve heard the question mentioned once or twice: how big can you get without the use of performance enhancing substances? It’s a very open-ended and hard to answer question. There are many different schools of thought concerning the truth behind the issue, but which argument is correct?

When people mention steroids the first thing that may come to mind is someone carrying around a mountain of muscle, a bulked and massive force of nature that barely could be called human. In most cases this simply isn’t true, but where bodybuilding is concerned it’s definitely more likely to witness. Genetics plays a role in how massive a person can get for sure, namely in the form of testosterone.

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Having higher testosterone levels is the key to seeing greater muscular development. Truth be told, the lower your testosterone levels the less likely that you’re going to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. That’s definitely the case if you’re doing natural bodybuilding. What PEDs like testosterone and steroids do for you is increase the anabolic state within your body. By doing this you make your body more likely to produce greater gains in muscle. To put it simply, if testosterone is the key to muscle growth and person an average level of the hormone by receiving an additional amount to their well will obviously give them a better chance at generating a greater amount of muscle.

Now before all the Natty bodybuilders out there start getting angry and spouting hateful vitriol, keep in mind we’re not saying it’s impossible to get big without using performance enhancers. Boosting your testosterone naturally through diet and exercise is also a possibility. Unfortunately, unless you have incredible genetics, it’s unlikely that you’ll be looking like some of your favorite bodybuilders any time soon.

To take some of the heat off of us, Omar Isuf has some of his own views on natural bodybuilders vs enhanced bodybuilders.

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