Nick Trigili Breaks Down the Details of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

This is a big money topic right now. There are men’s health clinics popping up left and right that will offer prescriptions for testosterone replacement therapy for hundreds of dollars cash. So, now that access is taken care of, the next question is, who should go on testosterone replacement therapy? As usual, this is a complicated question that requires a complicated answer. These are the factors to consider:

How old are you?

If you are between the ages of 18 and 35 and do not want to become a professional bodybuilder, the most likely answer is that you do not want or need testosterone replacement therapy. Think of TRT as a way for older people to feel younger emotionally, have a higher libido, and maintain lean mass like younger men do or for a way for professional bodybuilders to be in legal possession of anabolic steroids, especially for travel purposes. If you do not fit those two categories and you still want TRT, then read on.

What are your natural testosterone levels?

If your natural levels are above 260ng/dL or can be above that with proper natural testosterone supplementation, then you most likely do not want or need testosterone replacement therapy. Relying on a weekly or biweekly injection to keep your testosterone levels at an appropriate level when your natural levels are already appropriate is not smart at the least and potentially asinine. For significant strength, lean mass, and mindset gains, 260+ ng/dL is adequate and can be improved with natural means like consistent weight lifting, adequate protein levels, and abstaining from masturbation. Yes, that’s right. Masturbating is associated with lower testosterone levels. Don’t do it.

Why do you want to go on TRT?

Have you been feeling lower energy than usual or having erectile issues and you’re under the age of 50? The answer is definitely not your testosterone levels. Are you overweight and under 50? The answer is definitely not your testosterone levels. If you’re >50, been low on energy, libido, overweight, extra sore from workouts, and having trouble gaining any strength at all on a consistent weightlifting plan, then maybe your testosterone levels are the problem. Testosterone is not a magic drug despite what popular culture may have you believe. It is not the cure all for anger management, bedroom issues, and it won’t turn you into Arnold overnight.

What can you expect from TRT beyond the placebo effect?

Biopsychosocial factors play a large role in mindset, progress, and fitness, especially the experience of progress and life’s pleasures. There are people with high testosterone who are depressed, overweight, and have erectile issues. Likewise, there are people with low testosterone who are happy, ripped, and can hang a boot off their erection.

Testosterone levels have become a surrogate for how “manly” someone is and that’s simply not the case. Someone who truly suffers from low testosterone (read above) may see significant benefit in the areas of libido, ability to progress on a weight training program, and physique, but so will someone who doesn’t need it through the placebo effect. Implementing a harmful, potentially lifelong drug injection is not worth the financial, health, and social consequences that come with TRT for those that don’t actually need it. Hire a professional to help point you in the right direction with whatever symptoms you may be dealing with. Psychological? Therapist. Physical? Physique coach.

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