North American Strongman National Championships 2020 Results

North American Strongman National Championships 2020: A massive strongman competition that brings new pros into the fold.

The North American Strongman Championships was held this weekend in Montgomery, Alabama in what was a truly exciting and competitive event. With pro cards, titles, and future invitations at stake, competitors were hungry to earn the top honors and show off their hard work and sheer strength to be crowned NAS Champion.

In the lead up to the NAS Strongman Nationals, we were able to highlight a few promising athletes fighting for top honors at this weekends event. Strongman competitors such as Hannah Jennings, Nadia Stowers, and Justin Kealhofer – but there are dozens upon dozens of other hard working athletes that competed in this super-sized competition.

The sport of strongman is an ever-growing and fantastic event designed to test an athlete’s ability for overall strength, overall endurance, and overall will. Who stood tall with a victory and earned pro card? The results are in and can be seen below.

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