Kevin Levrone On Hadi Choopan Heading Into 2023 Olympia: “He’s On Another Level”

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Kevin Levrone believes the reigning champion has an edge both mentally and physically.

The 2023 Olympia is just one day away and competitors are preparing to take the biggest stage in the sport. Kevin Levrone knows. thing or two about competing on the Mr. Olympia stage and recently sat down for an interview about the upcoming action. The topic of discussion was reigning champion Hadi Choopan and how he can retain his title on Saturday night.

Levrone was one of the top bodybuilders in Men’s Open during the 90s. He was unable to capture the elusive Sandow Trophy but finished as the runner-up on four separate occasions. During this time, Levrone battled with the likes of Dorian Yates and Flex Wheeler. He is also a two-time Arnold Classic champion. Levrone has kept up with the happenings around bodybuilding and this includes the Olympia.

In December of 2022, Choopan was able to reach the top of the scorecards during the biggest competition of the year in professional bodybuilding. This came after many close calls, including a third-place finish in 2021 Olympia. Over the years, Choopan has impressed with his incredible conditioning and muscular symmetry within his physique. As the division gets bigger and better, Choopan seems to be doing the same but is he underrated this year?

The Men’s Open division continues to add great talent and Choopan will have his hands full defending his title. Levrone spoke on this storyline and shared his opinion on Choopan, both mentally and physically.

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Kevin Levrone: “I Believe He Does Have That Killer Instinct”

Kevin Levrone sat down with RXMuscle to discuss the upcoming Olympia competition and believes that the reigning champion has what it takes to repeat. He had some positive things to say about Hadi Choopan’s physical makeup and mentality as well.

“Looking at him and observing him and from what I feel from his character and what little I know about him, I think his mindset is ahead of the game. I say that because looking at him, I can tell that this guy is tough. He’s a raging bull. There’s no safe sides I see about his personality or his nature. I believe he does have that killer instinct.”

Choopan has performed well on the biggest stage in recent years and was able to reach the top in 2022. Despite winning his first title, it feels like Choopan is being underrated heading into the weekend. Levrone believes that the victory last year will give even more motivation.

“I think by him winning, it’s going to make him even hungrier to get better. There’s no doubt he’s a hard trainer. There’s no doubt that I know this guy definitely knows how to suffer and to go into that gym and to put that work in.

Kevin Levrone continued to speak on Choopan’s motivation and mindset. He believes that it goes well beyond the stage and that he is competing for something even bigger.

“To him, it’s not about the showmanship. It’s not about the glitz and glamour. It’s about what he can do to earn that title for his people and for his country and these guys will die for their country, we already know that. That bloodline is running deep. This guy is mentally on another level.”

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