How To Pick Up Girls In The Gym

These are the Hardest Exercises You Can Do in the Gym

How Not To Pick Up Girls In The Gym

Let’s face it, many of us get a gym membership so we can get in shape and impress some girls. Some of us take it even further by starting the search for our soul mate in the gym. Don’t deny it, you know who you are.

While some people have a game when it comes to picking up girls, the majority sucks at it. The risky part about hitting at girls at your gym is, you have to see them every day. So, if things go wrong you won’t be walking around with the same confidence you do now. Before you go embarrass yourself in front of pretty girls, this is a list of what you should and shouldn’t do.


You might be a pro bodybuilder with a ripped chest and shredded abs, but women don’t really care. You don’t want to be labeled a show-off. It’s a direct ticket to women’s blocklist and since you’re reading this article, you don’t want to end up there.

On the other hand, you should mind your own business. If you’re good at working out, work out as if no one is watching. There is something about guys who don’t give a shit which attracts girls.

Draw Attention By Doing Stupid Things

Every gym has a guy who starts grunting out loud when there are chicks around him. We get it, you have muscles and everything, but why do you want to sound like you’re going into labor?

If you think dropping heavy weights to the floor is badass, you’re mistaken. It’s considered to be douchebaggery rather than badassery. Doing nothing has a better chance of getting you noticed as compared to doing these things.

How To Pick Up Girls In The Gym

Offer Help

Helping can never go out of fashion. If your gym crush needs a spot, find a way to get there first and offer help. Make sure you’re not too buggy. Don’t give her tips on every exercise she is performing.

Don’t just limit your help to her. Your dream girl will appreciate you more if she sees you helping other people as well. Most gyms are full of broscientists and jerks, being there for everyone will definitely make you stand out.

Start A Conversation

You can never be short on opportunities to talk to your lady love when you’re in the gym. You can talk to her at the water coolers or during one of her rest breaks between sets. If you’re afraid that she will walk away, you can strike up a conversation when she is using the cardio equipment.There is nowhere she can go if she is on the treadmill.

When you walk up to her, you need to be on your A-game. Look straight into her eyes and don’t be scared or shy. Also, strike up a meaningful conversation. “How much do ya bench?” will not be a good ice-breaker in this case.

Ask To Go Out For A Quick Snack

When you become acquaintances, and if you’re not in the ‘no-talk’ list already, you stand a chance to take her out. Take it slow, you shouldn’t ask her out for a dinner date straight away. Since you’re in the gym, you can ask her out to a smoothie bar right after your workout.

Who isn’t hungry after a workout? This is the best time to get to know each other and figure out if you’re a good fit. The door to future dinner dates is wide open after this. This is all you need to know to pick up girls in the gym.

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