Ronnie Coleman Trains Legs Twice A Week, Hits Calf Raises With Feet “Totally Numb”

Calf Raises

Ronnie Coleman continues to train in the gym despite some physical limitations.

Ronnie Coleman put together a legendary career that will keep him up there with the best bodybuilders of all-time. The eight-time Olympia champion is tied for the most victories ever with Lee Haney. Despite his retirement and some physical limitations, Coleman has continued to train in the gym and recently showed off a leg day.

Coleman underwent many surgeries during his decorated career. In 2019, Coleman explained that he had went through back surgery 10 or more times. This left him needing some assistance to walk but the bodybuilder made sure to remain active in the gym.

In an Instagram post, Coleman shares a calf raise exercise and explains the importance of hitting leg day each week.

Ronnie Coleman: “It’s About How Bad You Wanna Do Something”

Ronnie Coleman went to MetroFlex Gym in Arlington, TX to take down this leg day. In the video, Coleman is seen on a seated calf raise machine attacking reps. Despite his feet going numb, Coleman continues the workout and does this to keep other levels where they need to be.

“Trying my very best to do calf raises with both of my feet being totally numb. Sometimes it’s not about how hard you try do something, it’s about how bad you wanna do something. Shout out to my friends over at Frontline Alternatives for helping me keep my liver, kidney and heart levels on point. #yeahbuddy


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This post comes a week after Ronnie Coleman revealed that he still trains legs twice a week. He is unable to squat anymore and says that this is what he misses the most but Coleman still has strength in his legs and likes to keep them in shape.

Coleman has remained active and influential in the sport of bodybuilding. He has discussed the issue of PEDs in the sport and believes that the sport is not worth dying for.” This came after he went over a near-death experience of his own prior to the 2001 Olympia.

Ronnie Coleman continues to be an inspiration to all and this is why he was given the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2021 Arnold Classic. Workouts and videos like this calf raise venture is the big reason why.

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