Scorpion Exercises & How They Can Help With Mobility

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Whether it be the scorpion exercise or stretch, work on strength and mobility to enhance those big lifts.

When it comes to our big lifts, we all know what we need. Being strong enough to lift that weight is a given, for we all know that is the obvious essential of lifting big. A solid mindset is also one of those things to help drive that weight up as we look for those powerful results.

But mobility is something many of us take for granted and we really shouldn’t. Mobility is key to longevity and is the ability to move or be moved with ease. It requires both strength and flexibility to fully move through a full range of motion and allows us to lift big and perform functional activities effortlessly. Scorpion exercises and stretches are ways to provide for a great bodyweight warm-up or mid-workout break to enhance strength, stability, but more importantly, mobility.

The benefit to bodyweight work is that you don’t need any equipment and can perform these exercises or stretches anywhere at any time. Also, you are using the resistance of your body, allowing for time to work on form and giving yourself a unique challenge in that you are essentially lifting yourself.

When it comes to warming up and making sure our bodies are primed and ready for whatever workout comes our way, finding the right exercises can be challenging, but plenty are out there. The scorpion exercises are perfect for enhancing mobility while offering an impressive challenge that many will be envious of in the gym.

Let’s take a look at some scorpion exercises and stretches so you can see what these are all about. When it comes to enhancing mobility, these are a great way to do so while also looking to work on strengthening those stabilizer muscles and offering a unique bodyweight challenge. When strategically placed in your warm-up or workout, these scorpion exercises and stretches will help you see the results you want.

Benefits Of Scorpion Exercises & Stretches

As mentioned earlier, these exercises and stretches can work wonders for your growth and gains, but more importantly that much desired and much needed mobility to help with those bigger lifts. Working with bodyweight scorpion exercises can work for a number of benefits for your body and strength goals.

Benefits include:

  • Focus on hip mobility: loosen up those tight hips so you’ll be ready to move effectively and reduce your risk of injury (1).
  • Build strong joints: Really strengthen those joints that are important for optimal movement.
  • Alleviate low back pain: Take away the pain that you suffer in your low back by getting a good stretch and loosening up those tight spots (2).
  • Bodyweight strength: Feel like you’re giving your body a good bodyweight workout while benefiting in other ways.
  • Simple and convenient: These can be done anywhere and at any time so there’s no excuse to not get a good stretch in.

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Scorpion Exercises

These three scorpion exercises are great for working to improve strength, power, speed, flexibility, and of course, mobility, which comes from a combination of both strength and flexibility. When placed in your routine, either at the beginning, middle, or end, these can prove to be great in the long run.

Elevated Scorpion

Almost as if this were a yoga pose, this is an advanced and challenging exercise but one that will pay off in the long run. Beyond having a strong core, this will work your arms and sheer will to stay elevated to make this happen.

How To: Begin on the ground on all four limbs. This will serve as your starting position. Keep your core engaged and you will be on the balls of your feet. As you shift your weight to one leg, work to lift the opposite leg up into the air, opening your hips as you do. You will reach your maximum range of motion when you can not go any further.

Start to rotate down towards the ground as your body begins to follow the path of your leg. As your arm lifts off the ground, continue this motion until you’re back towards the starting position. Repeat with the other side and continue for your desired number of reps.

Circular Scorpion

Very similar to the Elevated Scorpion, but this is more challenging where your focus is to start the movement where the Elevated Scorpion ends as you pivot around the extended leg in a circular motion. Although challenging, you will be proud of the results once you manage to master this.

scorpion stretch

Scorpion Stretch

This dynamic stretch may look very familiar to many of you as it works to improve hip mobility and work on flexibility and coordination. Simple to do yet loaded with great stretching benefits, this stretch is easy to learn and can be incorporated into your routine for an awesome pre-workout stretch.

How to: Lying flat on your stomach, extend both your arms out to the side and keep your feet together. As you lift one leg off the floor, cross it over towards the other side, giving a slight twist in your hips until the lifted leg’s foot touches the ground. Hold for your desired amount of time and repeat for your desired number of reps.

Wrap Up

As we all look for ways to boost our strength and physique, we need to look less towards those big lifts we all know and love and offer attention to our joints and muscles that need care. Being flexible and mobile are just two ways we can work to enhance our big lifts which will in turn aid in our shredded aesthetic.

One thing to note when it comes to mobility is that strength, also referred to in this case as stability, and flexibility equals mobility. Being mobile is so important as we work through certain movements to hit a certain range of motion. The scorpion exercises and stretches are great ways to really target this and work to aid in a healthy lifestyle while promoting those gains in the gym.

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