How Seated Hammer Curls Are A Great Arm Isolation Exercise

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Build serious arm strength and size with the seated hammer curls isolation exercise.

Our arms deserve as much love as we can give them and the seated hammer curls exercise is one of those that can seriously work to give us those bulging biceps we want most. When it comes to building those big arms and crafting a physique others will envy, we need to be sure to work the right muscles with the right exercises to maximize all of our gains. A variation of the traditional hammer curl exercise, seated hammer curls have the potential to work wonders.

The benefit of strong arms can greatly enhance all sorts of movements, from those more sport specific ones all the way to those more functional. By adding to the integrity of the arm as a unit, stronger biceps can support your triceps and delts as you seek the best stability possible. Of course, those bulging bis add to a nice physique and one that others will certainly envy so work on that pop and give yourself the most bang for your buck with a seriously effective isolation exercise.

Let’s take a look at the seated hammer curls exercise to see what this is all about. From what it is, to muscles worked, and the many benefits associated with it, you won’t be disappointed by the results of this great arm exercise. Plus, your strength and size will increase tenfold.

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What Are Seated Hammer Curls?

Hammer curls are a great way to isolate your arms so you see the growth you want most. This will help develop better strength and size by effectively working your biceps in a smooth and controlled motion. The seated hammer curl is a variation of the traditional hammer curl where you are seated, potentially taking away the ability to build up any momentum to assist you. This makes sure to only feel the burn within the muscle and not rely on other smaller muscles for assistance.

Muscles Worked

As an arm isolation exercise, the hammer curl movement will work your biceps brachii immensely. It will also work your brachialis, which is a bit deeper under the biceps, and your brachioradialis, which is a forearm muscle that allows you to flex the elbow. With this, you will certainly enhance your arm growth as this solely targets those big three muscles you want to see increased size in the most.

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Benefits Of Hammer Curls

While the benefits of seated hammer curls are isolated to those of your arms, we all want to increase the strength and size to show off our bulging biceps. Benefits of seated hammer curls include:

  • Increased strength: By isolating the muscle, you start to build that desired density to increase strength and lift way more weight (1).
  • Bigger biceps size: Working on size improvement and development, you will start to see a more full, rounded out biceps muscles that is bigger all around.
  • Enhanced grip: Grip is beyond important and with an exercise that puts an emphasis on really ensuring a secure grip, you don’t have to worry about a lame grip again (2).
  • Good arm exercise variation: This will challenge you a bit differently and force you to work your muscles in a different way.

How To Perform Them

Here are the steps for performing the seated hammer curls.

  1. Set yourself with your desired weight in dumbbells and sit upright in a chair or on a bench. If it does not have a back for support, then be sure to engage your core so you sit as tall as possible.
  2. Grab the weights and hold them at your sides. Make sure your grip is solid and comfortable.
  3. When ready, lift the weight to around chest level by only bending at the elbow, almost as if it were a “hammering” motion.
  4. Lower back down to the starting position and repeat for your desired number of reps.

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Wrap Up

Seated hammer curls are perfect for building up our arms so we have the best chance at increasing strength and size. We all want those bulging bis, and with the right exercises working the right muscles, we can craft a physique others will certainly envy. Hammer curls are a great way to isolate our arms which need as much love as they can get. Add seated hammer curls into your workout routine and see what they can do for all your strength building and physique crafting goals. You won’t be disappointed with the results.

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