Serious Steel 41’’ Resistance Bands Review

These resistance bands can boost training and recovery for maximum resistance and support.

Product Overview

Resistance bands are essential for any one serious about gains. While lifting more and watching yourself increase in weight may be enough to convince you otherwise, think again. Resistance bands can increase time under tension, working your muscles harder and relying on more will to get through that exercise. For those involved with strength sports, you know how valuable time under tension is, how necessary mind-muscle connection is, and just how helpful resistance bands truly are. Serious Steel 41’’ Resistance Bands are great bands to assist in anything training related as you look to enhance those gains of yours.

Whether it be for a pre-workout stretching routine, mid-workout exercise aid, or post-workout work to ensure maximum recovery (1), the value of resistance bands never wavers. Useful for all times of your workout, it would be foolish to not take a look at these great bands. As great tools, they not only build muscle, but work to improve mind-muscle connection and range of motion (2), so when it does come to time to lift that seriously heavy weight, you are more than ready to tackle that challenge.

Serious Steel 41'' Resistance Bands

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Serious Steel is an amazing company based out of Roanoke, Virginia with the goal of creating the best and highest quality fitness equipment at the right prices and with great customer service. With a passion for exercise and fitness, Serious Steel seeks to boost the lives of their customers by giving them top tier products to enhance all of their gains. Everything can be used by bodybuilders, strongmen, powerlifters, and anyone serious about lifting, fitness, and working out to better themselves every day.

Resistance Bands

Serious Steel 41’’ Resistance Bands Highlights

Serious Steel 41’’ Resistance Bands are the longest bands they offer, which is great for it allows you to get the most of your resistance bands training. Since these bands are so long and so durable, what you will find is the ability to use these for a variety of things including pull-up training, barbell training, resistance training, and stretching and mobility work.


With 9 great band options, each varying in width and resistance, the constant is they are each 41’’ long so you never sacrifice length for any part of your workout. The bands are 100% natural latex and are over 99.9% free of any latex allergens, but if you do have a latex allergy, still be cautious when using this product.

Serious Steel 41'' Resistance Bands

Quick Breakdown Of Each 41’’ Resistance Band

Micro Steel Mobility Band (2-15 lbs.): This band is ¼ inch wide and is on the lighter side, making this a great option for pull-ups or lighter mobility work, perhaps if you’re rehabbing an injury.

Mini Resistance Band (5-35 lbs.): With a ½’’ of width, this band is bit more resistant and can be used with exercises like curls and squats. This is a top choice for enhancing speed work also.

Monster Mini Band (10-50 lbs.): This offers a moderate level of tension and works well with bicep curls, triceps extension, and overhead shoulder press. It is 13/16’’ wide and 4.5mm thick.

Light Resistance Band (25-80 lbs.): A turning point in this set of bands, these offer a strong tension for smaller muscles, but more moderate tension for those larger groups. Good for stretching, speed, and attach to a barbell nicely.

Average Resistance Band (50-120 lbs.): Moving into the heavier tension territory, this is their most popular band and is great for heavy tension with the bench press, squats, and deadlifts.


Heavy Resistance Band (60-150 lbs.): One of their strongest bands, this is used to obtain maximum resistance with the squat, deadlift, and leg press.

X-Heavy Resistance Band (80-200 lbs.): This band is designed with powerlifting training in mind and is great for adding speed to your squat or deadlift.

Resistance Band: An interesting band, this is hybrid of the width of the X-Heavy Resistance Band and the thickness of the Mega Steel Band to offer a slight variation for your lifts.

Mega Steel Band (120-300 lbs.): For those looking for extreme resistance, you’ll find this great powerlifting band that offers the most resistance Serious Steel has to offer. Great for your big three powerlifts, this can enhance speed and strength as a great supplemental tool.

Price & Effectiveness

Serious Steel offers this great selection of resistance bands to add to your mobility, isolated work, or those big lifts as you seek to improve speed, strength, and size. There is an option to buy as a single band or a pair and will work wonders for your barbell, resistance, and powerlifting training, while giving you a great tool to work on stretching and mobility as well.

Pros: Great variety for resistance and options to enhance your workout. 41’’ of length is perfect for all exercises you perform. From a reputable company in Serious Steel.

Cons: Some fraying and delayering may occur after some uses and the price starts to get high with more resistance compared to others on the market.

Price: Prices vary from $10.90 (Micro Steel Mobility Band) up to $65.90 (Mega Steel Band).

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Overall Value

Resistance bands are great supplemental fitness aids to help improve speed, strength, and size as you embark on those grueling workouts. A high quality resistance band will work wonders for your gains as you seek to add time under tension while also aiding in your range of motion. Serious Steel is a great company designing and creating top fitness products to help athletes of all levels reach their goals. What you are really getting are high quality resistance bands from a reputable company that will help you see those massive gains. Check out Serious Steel Resistance Bands and look to elevate you training and performance today.

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