In this digital series by NutraBio, pro bodybuilder Shaun Clarida’s journey to Mr. Olympia is chronicled on his quest to be the best in the world.

Shaun Clarida, also known as “The Giant Killer”, is a IFBB professional bodybuilder competing in the Men’s 212 Division. A serious threat on the bodybuilding stage, Clarida took home third place at the 2019 Olympia Contest. But he is back seeking that top prize. Unsatisfied with his finish in 2019, Clarida has put even more emphasis on his training routine with the goal of winning this year.

In this digital series by NutraBio, Clarida shares his experience from the 2019 Olympia competition and the lessons he took away from it to come back better than before. Seeking to push his limits, his goal of winning Mr. Olympia hasn’t changed, but his approach and mindset have taken him to new heights.

This first episode, “Blood, Sweat & Bringing Home The Title”, chronicles his journey through the 2019 competition, his feelings towards his performance, and a whole new look at an even more determined Clarida as seeks to take down giants. His emphasis on training shows through with clips of his workouts where viewers can see the blood, sweat, and sheer grit Clarida exhumes in his quest for first place.

Shaun ClaridaWho Is Shaun Clarida?

As an active youth, Clarida was always playing competitive sports. Anything from wrestling to basketball filled that competitive and adventurous desire to be the best. Clarida first began competing in bodybuilding competitions in 2005, competing on stages as he slowly built up his reputation as “The Giant Killer” and squashing any negative comments that sought to bring him down. Once receiving his pro card at the 2012 NPC Nationals Show, there was no turning back for Clarida as his new goal was now set at becoming the best in the world.

Now a serious force on the pro bodybuilding circuit, Clarida has won 4 IFBB contests and has competed in 5 Mr. Olympia competitions in the Men’s 212 Division. His third place finish in 2019 is impressive, but for Clarida he is anything but satisfied. In early 2020, he signed with NutraBio as one of their athletes, and with the help of their high-class supplements, Clarida’s journey to the 2020 Olympia podium is in his grasp.

Shaun Clarida

Episode 1: Blood, Sweat & Bringing Home The Title

Coming into the 2019 Olympia competition, Clarida was more than motivated to take that top prize. Coming in at his all-time best ever, his belief in himself and his performance were at an all time high. But it wasn’t enough. Still with an impressive third place finish, Clarida was disappointed that he wasn’t on top.

But instead of living in a pit of despair, he took to the gym, showed his true colors, and proved to those who said he couldn’t do it that he was in fact good enough to compete on the biggest stage in bodybuilding amongst the best. “The Giant Killer” wasn’t out to quit; he was out to kill giants. Up at 4 a.m., doing things others aren’t doing, and fighting off every shred of doubt, Clarida knows his time is coming. At the end of the day, Clarida doesn’t train for third. He doesn’t train for second. He trains to win.

Shaun Clarida’s Top Supplements For Olympia Prep

In his quest for that top podium spot at Olympia 2020, Shaun Clarida uses a specific group of supplements to seriously enhance his gains and performance. From an intra-workout powder, carb loader, and protein isolate, all of his supplement are covered with NutraBio’s clean, effective, and quality supplements.

Intra Blast

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Intra Blast is the ultimate intra-workout muscle builder consisting of a full matrix BCAA/EAA formula designed to hydrate you, support recovery, and fuel performance. With 16 research-backed ingredients, there are zero fillers or additives to give you a 100% transparent label making this one of the most advanced and effective intra-workouts around.

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Super Carb


Super Carb is an ideal fuel source and perfect performance carbohydrate to rapidly fuel performance and replenish glycogen stores to enhance recovery. It delivers a smooth, constant energy and can refuel those glycogen stores without spiking blood sugar levels. With zero fillers or extra additives, the fully disclosed label guarantees a safe and effective product.

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Clear Whey Protein Isolate

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This high quality and fast absorbing whey protein isolate is perfect for promoting lean muscle growth, optimizing nitrogen retention, increasing protein synthesis, and enhancing recovery. A great tasting product with no foaming ensures a quality experience to give you a the best post-workout protein supplement around. No added fillers, soy, lactose, or gluten is shown through a 100% transparent label so you get 20 grams of clean protein quickly.

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NutraBio also has a great selection of other whey protein isolates to offer variety for whatever your intended goals are. With great flavors, different sizes, and tons of benefits, these protein supplements are sure to give you clean protein to see massive gains.

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Wrap Up

Shaun Clarida is on a mission. That mission is to be the best in the world and hold the title of Mr. Olympia. After a third-place finish in 2019, Clarida sought a new approach to get him to achieve this dream. A serious contender in the bodybuilding world, through a strict workout routine, proper diet, and solid supplementation, Clarida is well on his way to holding the title of Mr. Olympia 2020. As a NutraBio athlete, Clarida works to better his health, fitness, and overall self with clean, effective, and quality products to give him the boost he needs to succeed on the biggest bodybuilding stage in the world. This digital series shows a true athlete, one not satisfied until every single goal is met. One thing is for certain. When Shaun Clarida steps under the bright lights of the Mr. Olympia competition, he has all the confidence in himself that he in fact can kill giants.

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*Images courtesy of Shaun Clarida Instagram and NutraBio

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