How To Spot A Steroid User

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How To Spot A Steroid User

It’s no breaking news when a ripped guy is accused of using steroids. The broscientists undermine the hard work and dedication of every guy who is bigger than them by accusing them of using steroids. You certainly don’t want to fall to their level.

On the other hand, there are numerous fake natties on the internet. They’ll tell you the secret to their gains are their workouts and diet. Don’t get fooled by these liars. There are many signs which spill the beans for drug use.

This Is How To Spot A Steroid User Without Fail

1. Bloated Gut

This is the biggest spoiler for gear users. Using steroids enlarges every single organ in your body. You can’t spot increase the size of your biceps or chest. If you’re using anabolic drugs, every single organ in your body will grow, including your stomach, ears, and hands.

Look at the bodybuilders competing on stage, and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Enlarged midsections have earned these athletes the name ‘pregnant bodybuilder’ and have exposed them to ridicule on the internet.

2. Insane Vascularity


Ever wondered how some people have road map like vascularity in their forearms? Don’t tell us you think it’s because of a hardcore forearm workout and a low body fat percentage. There is much more happening behind the scenes.

Cutting out water, taking supplements to increase blood flow and pumps can help you with your vascularity. But steroids like Equipoise (EQ) can help you get the vascularity and dryness with minimal effort and sacrifice.

3. Balding Head

Neither is it a coincidence, nor a fashion that most bodybuilders are bald. Steroids like testosterone can increase your natural test levels which can play a major role in hair loss. Using gear for longer durations can amplify hair fall.

Balding due to gear use can be irreversible. In fact, most of the side effects of steroids are nonreversible. If you’re willing to take the plunge and start using steroids, make sure you’re educated about their effects and side effects.

4. Short Temper and Mood Swings

Certain juices like Trenbolone and Dianabol can cause mood swings. Some of these drugs were originally developed for animals like horses, but certain humans thought of using them to enhance their performance.

Steroids can turn you into a rage monster. Once you get on the cycle, it’ll be better for you and the people around you that you spend most of your time alone. Such drugs can prove to be addictive, and it might be hard for you to stop using them.

5. Acne On The Back

You’re playing with your hormones when you inject steroids into your body. Don’t think it won’t have any effects on your body. The most common areas where acne develops are your back and face.

Unlike balding, this side effect of using steroids is curable. Staying off of the juices for a couple of months can cure the acne. It is recommended you take the advice of a professional before you start using anabolic steroids.

6. Syringe Marks On The Body

Arguably, the most common and safe way of using gear is to inject them into your body. There are many oral forms of steroids present on the market but they’re not safe to use. Oral drugs can have a negative effect on your kidneys.

Injecting syringes into the same spot can lead to the formation of spots. Since steroids are foreign objects, your body tried to fight them. This can lead to the formation of syringe wounds which can be painful in some cases.

Disclaimer – We don’t recommend or promote using steroids.

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  1. What cunt wrote this garbage? Some troll that doesn’t lift from the misc. board at bodybuilding dot com? Steroids make your organs grow? Maybe growth hormone and slin. Testosterone isn’t going to give you pregnant belly, nobody had one before the mid to late 90s

    Get a fucking clue.

  2. Bullshit bullshit bullshit. Do you actually do research before posting shit? There is a huge difference between peptides (bloated gut) and Anabolics. Vascularity??? Oh you mean diet. There isn’t a compound I can think of that gives u vascular look. Balding?? LMFAO that’s genetics. Acne…..depends. get ur shit straight generation….. Fubar

    • Balding is definitely genetics. They only have the guts because most don’t do ab workouts. Back acne is definitely a cause from usage. Pointed down nips that they get from the usage as well from using roids to much. I haven’t used it yet but I will consider it when I get old.

  3. This is a bullshit post. Anyone who has used know this is bull. Bloated guts and hands and organs growing are from GH and Insulin. The acne isn’t an issue for me until PCT which causes it, not the test. The whole roid rage is bullshit too. I am actually a more easygoing person. You need a better writer.

  4. First of all HGH causes organs to grow not anabolic steroids. Second, its called male pattern baldness and if it doesn’t run in your family your good. Lastly, just freaking delete this page I’m tired of seeing this bs the only reason I haven’t unfollow is to see all the negative feed back in the comments.

  5. GI is one of the worst bb sites online. Half the time the info it says it talks about, isn’t there. Its got shit tons of ads and cookies, and then they put up false garbage like this. You people are fukin morons!

  6. My back is blown out by acne at the moment…BECAUSE I GOT IT WAXXED who the hell comes up with these bs posts.. Lee Priest still has all of his hair so do tons of other BB’rs.. Bloated belly is due to GH and or Insulin use.. Or you’re just fat..

  7. Lol @ all the arguments against this post trying to justify that short term happiness from looking good is ok if it’s from steroidal compounds? What has taken hold of all these ignorant fools accept that using steroids u have accepted defeat already

  8. Which Idiot wrote this article??? I’m assuming he’s one of those internet trolls, come on Generation Iron can you please stop hiring idiots who don’t know jack shit about Bodybuilding or gear to write articles!!

  9. Oh hear we go! Some people have more test than others naturally therefore are more vascular and grainy. This is garbage. Seen skinny guys on tons of roids for years get killed by nattys that are genetically gifted or hard working. Know guys on roids 20 years who have all their hair and have 0 gut. Stupid

  10. Dude i know yall got plenty of steroid users just talk to them. Yea ur gonna see some of these symptoms on people but jeez this is retarded. Also oral steroids are known to hurt the liver not so much the kidneys. Simple google search could tell you that.

  11. Who gives a fuck anyway. If anybody goes to the gym to see if there’s guys on gear. Then your life must be pretty boring to hate on man that looks probably better then you and more game then you.


  13. SAYS YOU?! Oh my god what kind of joke is this?!

    Generation Iron – cheerleaders for the likes of Mike O Hearn and countless other prolific fakers.

    This is hypocrisy of the highest order.

  14. So a women gets implants and a fake ass but that’s acceptable? Our entire society is based on perception, how you and others perceive yourself. This is a crap article and in my 20+ plus years in the gym have I heard “pregnant belly” bloated gut maybe, bitch tits maybe, gyno boy, maybe… but wtf… even some of you commenting… who cares what people do in their lives!!! If it doesn’t affect you directly why care? Why out down people? Unless it’s Sunthol use… always put down Synthol…(stupid). Acne, balding, gyno, bloated gut, it’s all genetic and each steroid or drug affects each person differently based on their genetic disposition. Meh WTF do I know, I might be pregnant..

  15. If you’re focused on others and their drug use and you don’t help them stop,you’re just as bad as the steroid user. Leave people alone unless you’re going to get them to stop juicing! It’s none of your business! Good post though lol

  16. If your jacked & look awesome, I will definitely rest that. If your on synthol, I lost all rested for you. Some ppl believe that you can take roids, and stay home & get big. Lol. Doesn’t work like that. If you don’t put in that work, you just won’t see results ok

  17. Lmao half of this isn’t even true… balding? Look at the age of half these pro bodybuilders… I started balding in my 30s, some people are naturly super vascular. I train a 15yo who is as vascular as a pro bodybuilder, the distended gut is from growth hormone not test. The only one I can actually understand is the acne. What it comes down to is focus on you and don’t judge other people! You don’t know their story, where they started, their genetics and so fourth.

    • Acne can be a genetic issue, when I was a kid I had a lot of acne, but some man when they grow, they grow out of it, I’m one of them and second, there are spots in the back called prickle heat, which is a condition related to humidity, sweating etc etc.. So that doesn’t mean someone can be on stuff… This article is a complete joke

  18. You can take all the stuff you want 99% of people will still NEVER look like that. Most people can’t even workout for a month straight even a week if that. People have no idea the dedication it takes to be a bodybuilder. Bodybuilding is a lifestyle it’s not just what you do in the gym.

  19. Not sure what I am responding to, but steroids do have a purpose….worked wonders for me whe I was competeting back in the 80s…
    Dedication, proper diet also the only way to achieve your fitness goals..
    And a bit of plastic surgery doesn’t hut….ya know like the guys with peck and calf implants, nose jobs and women with breast implants…myself included…
    I’m 64 and still a gym rat! ?.

  20. First of all it’s fine to be on steroids since you are not hurting anybody or trying to make someone else get on that.
    Second is that from this list, you just made me understand that IFBB pros like Phil Heith, Kai Greene, Jay Cutler etc are on steroids. Wow man you must be kidding. There are many kinds of steroids to build a variety of bodytypes. So y’all need to understand what steroids are, what they do to the body and how they nfluence muscle growth in order to be able to tell if someone’s on them

  21. That article on the cows how to spot a long-term steroid user. Not all steroid users are mass monsters there are some people in the beginning stage or on low doses .who look average

  22. So all Bald, Spotty, Type 1 Diabetic men who are Angry as fuck because they’re sick of the marks from having to inject themselves with insulin multiple times a day are AUTOMATICALLY WITHOUT FAIL also steroid users simply because of all these terrible afflictions they have to live with on a daily basis too…..
    Ok Generation iron…. I BELIEVE YOU…

  23. I agree, who gives a fuck. Eat right you don’t need most supplements. Anyone selling you supplements is a semi snake oil salesman. You are the idiot for believing they work. You want to be the biggest baddest dude at the gym use gear. If you care less and want to look good naked, stay natty! Who gives a fuck what the next guys doing?

  24. Doesn’t bother me unless they are pushing a BS supplement line and saying that this is how they got big…which is basically 99% of the people pushing supplements – thats how I spot fake nattys

  25. There is a guy Who Came to our Gym two years ago . This guy Has killed his body with any Kind of steroide and growthormones . Once He used a dirty syringe. And He was for many Weeks in a clinic. Now He is trying to Stay clean bud the sideeffects Are really Bad . He is a little Bit labile in the head and moody


  27. Hahaha this is fucking retarded. I’m balding, the belly runs in my family, and I use to have a nasty temper, and why I Diet I’m pretty vascular. 4/6 I must be a juice ball. Who writes this trash ?

  28. U can build physique naturally with no use of gear or supplements..if you have good diet n fucking genetics u can build muscle for sure. Check my account if you doubt I m complete natural

  29. Bloated gut is GH bro and needle marks? Seriously? Keep your shit clean and don’t re use and you’ll be fine and of course having that dude as the post cover photo yea he’s on gear common sense but even running gear your diet has to be clean and training to match


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