Steve Cook talks about the benefits of being on a vegan diet… but also the misconceptions of how it can be healthier.

Vegan diets have become more and more popular in the fitness world. This is due to a variety of reasons including a mix of moral choices and health choices. But is a vegan diet truly the healthiest option? And can it work for someone looking to build muscle mass? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Steve Cook explains how vegan diets are not automatically healthy and require attention to detail just like any other diet.

Steve Cook is a master of keeping his body on point. While not a massive Men’s Open bodybuilder, he holds a Men’s Physique style body that is almost always shredded to the core whenever he’s seen in public. We have debated in the past about whether or not a bodybuilder can succeed on a vegan diet. But what about smaller classes of physiques like Steve Cook? What does he think about a vegan diet?

Steve Cook certainly understands the importance of a vegan diet overall. There are people who choose to go vegan for moral considerations rather than health, meaning they don’t like to consume animal products. But when it comes to health, Cook makes it clear that vegan diets are just like any other diet. What does this mean exactly? It means going vegan doesn’t automatically make you healthier.

Steve Cook training (above).

Many success stories are due to “addition by subtraction” as Steve Cook puts it. Basically, when a person goes vegan they are unknowingly removing food from their diet and in many respects eating less. This causes weight loss – but does it mean your body is completely healthy?

Steve Cook points out that there are many things that are terribly unhealthy for you but still qualify as vegan. Many potato and corn chips are a perfect example of this. Many snacks in general can often fall under being vegan. Of course, these are still terrible for your health.

So if someone is looking to be healthier, a vegan diet is not the only option. The truth of the matter is that a vegan diet would be just as challenging as a keto diet or any other kind of diet out there. Putting a label on it does not automatically make it easier to transform your life and health. Each and every diet only works with focus, attention to detail, and consistency.

You can watch Steve Cook’s full comments on veganism in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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