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The combination of ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin just might be one of the most effective fat burners to ever exist. Unlike many modern fat burners – this combo actually helped to combat against the dreaded “dieting plateau” that has plagued many bodybuilders for years. But in 2004, the FDA decided that ephedrine was too dangerous to be sold on the market and thus it was banned. But a little prodding done by scientists and some investigative work by Jerry Brainum shows that this fat burning combo might not have a good reason to be banned. There actually might not be any negative side effects at all (unless, like any other drug, you abuse the substance). Get the Straight Facts on this very powerful and beneficial fat burner that frustratingly was removed from the public eye above!

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For sustained muscle mass and greater fat loss in less time, a modern fat burner is designed to protect anabolic muscle gains while stimulating thermogenesis in support of an overall leaner, yet muscular body composition. Fat burners, like Transparent Labs and Fighter’s Core, naturally boosts thermogenic fat loss and exercise endurance without using any overloads of stimulants or synthetics (1). Fat burners will not fix a broken diet but will improve fat loss and exercise performance. They will help you burn excess calories throughout the day and compliment your daily workouts. Many believe they can shave off over 10 pounds of fat per week simply because you are using a thermogenic fat burner. However, a safe rate of fat loss is more in the range of 2-3 pounds per week, for an average healthy person. You can also burn and drop weight too quickly on a fat burner and loose valuable lean muscle mass.

It’s best to cycle your fat burner for 4-5 weeks. You should start a low dosage with a burner like Transparent Labs or Fighter’s Core to make muscle a priority. You should follow a comprehensive training program that maximizes fat loss at the start of the day and minimizes muscle loss. So before getting started on your fat burner, make sure to shop around and find one that best matches your physical fitness needs and weight loss preferences. Read reviews of the best fat burners that are verified and sampled by our experts and pros.

Stimulants Vs. Stimulant-Free

There are two main kinds of fat burners: those containing stimulants and those stimulant-free. Most fat burners contain stimulants like caffeine. Many professional bodybuilders on our pages have preferred caffeinated fat burners to help with grueling workouts and early AM cardio sessions. Fat burners that contain Green Tea extracts (2), L-carnitine, CLA (Conjulated Linoleic Acid), Yohimbine and Garcinia cambogia, a caffeine free acidic fruit extract, can prove to be very powerful for appetite control and retaining muscularity. They provide a great boost of energy and you feel the effects of a stimulant fat burner.

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Non-stimulant fat burners are a nice alternative to regular ones because they don’t elevate your heart rate, but still provide a constant stream of energy for your workout while also reducing appetite. Since many of these are made with natural ingredients, you don’t run the risk of artificial additives ruining your overall health. Non-stimulants are also known to promote mental focus and clarity, while also working to stop those cravings that cause us to overeat and gain that excess weight. While some may think that non-stimulants aren’t as effective, they are great for shedding extra pounds and turning that fat into lean muscle to make you look shredded. Non-stimulant fat burners are a great way to get the most out of your fat burner without the sensitivity of caffeine (3) or other stimulants that can cause discomfort.

Which Is Better?

When choosing a fat burner, it is important to note what will help you the most to give you personally the most benefit. Stimulant fat burners will kick your body into fat burning mode and have been shown to have great weight loss effects. More potent fat burners may give you an added boost to make your workouts more intense. Increasing your motivation will push you closer towards your goals. Stimulant-free fat burners are not as powerful as ones with stimulants, but that does not mean they aren’t effective. Some would argue that taking both would work synergistically to burn fat and help you achieve your weight loss goals more efficiently. It is really a personal preference and knowing what your body can handle is more than important in making a decision like this.

Wrap Up

While much debate surrounds fat burners and their benefits, it is smart to start with choosing either a stimulant or stimulant-free fat burner. Both will provide similar benefits, but each is unique in their own right. Knowing your body and what it can handle is a key in determining which option you take because you know your body best. Our Straight Facts with Jerry Brainum above will explore why ephedrine was banned by the FDA and if the cause was warranted. For a powerful and beneficial way to burn fat, it seems to have disappeared from the public eye. As with everything, a solid diet and workout routine will really give you that fat loss boost, but a fat burner can add to your goals by supplementing a healthy diet and consistent exercise. Research a variety of fat burners that may work best for you and stay optimistic because the right one is out there for you.

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