The 4 Upper Body Moves You Should Absolutely Do On The Smith Machine

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The smith machine can be the key to unlocking your upper body potential.

The smith machine is a piece of equipment that doesn’t get the respect it deserves. It’s a great piece of machinery to help clean up a beginner’s form and can also be beneficial to a seasoned lifter if they learn to use it to their advantage. While many bodybuilders are likely to stick with a more classical form of training, the smith machine can prove to be just as beneficial to your gains, if not more so. It’s all about having a plan of attack and knowing exactly which exercises you can use to reap the most benefits.

We have a list of exercises that are great for your upper body development. Check out these awesome moves that will ensure plenty of growth for years to come.

Bench Press

Generation Iron Bench Press Smith

The first exercise on this list is pretty much a no brainer. The bench press is the hallmark of weight lifting and perhaps the number one lift associated with the barbell. On the smith machine you can focus more on lifting heavier weight while remaining stable.

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