Skinny TikToker Shows Insane Backne After Four Months Of Steroid Use

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TikToker John Joshua James has gone viral after showing what steroids have done to his back.

Steroids have been present in many sports over the years. The steroid-era in baseball brought plenty of attention and controversy to the topic, and other sports continue to test for different substances, and bodybuilding is at the top of the list when it comes to gear. Of course, substances are becoming less and less taboo and are pretty much available to anyone, and TikToker John Joshua James is proving that. He has gone viral for showing what steroids have done to his back after four months of use.

On April 28, James shared a video claiming that he has been on steroids for four months, which is also when he began working out. In the video, James’ back is covered in acne and scars but he explains that he enjoys the feeling of working out and will continue to use steroids.

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“Steroids in four months has done this to my back and I gotta say, it’s worth it. After doing a bit of research, I found out that steroids actually give you back acne and it’s not great. My back is completely covered in scars and it feels pretty terrible all the time but I do like being able to go to the gym more. I finally hit 180 pounds so I’m going to keep doing them.”

If the timeline is accurate, this means James would have started using steroids shortly after the new year. This video immediately went viral and currently has 22.1 million views. It was his first video on this account and since then, he has shared 11 more updating progress.

John Joshua James Highlights Back While Showing Side Effects

John Joshua James revealed that he began his journey at 150 pounds and has gained 30 pounds since starting steroids and working out. He began both at the same time and experienced side effects pretty much right away. To this point, his back has seen the worst.

Since James began sharing updates on his journey on steroids, there are many who have questioned whether it is legitimate or not. Recently, Derek from More Plates More Dates made a video sharing his opinion on the topic.

“I think this is an interesting, probably a first time ever if I’m correct, of a guy that is a fake, fake natty. Does that even make sense? He is faking being on gear. That is what I think is going on.”

Many commenters have asked questions about his workout plan and diet after watching videos on his account. James has showed off questionable exercise form and wardrobes during his workouts. This has raised eyebrows about the legitimacy of his journey. To this point, there has been no official word on James’ steroid use or regimen.

Importance of Monitoring Vital Organs and Side Effects

There is no doubt that steroids come with side effects and that substances impact people in different ways. Apparently, John Joshua James is enjoying his journey despite his side effects and will continue to use steroids in the gym. IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Victor Martinez also explains the dangers of steroid use and the importance of monitoring your heart, kidney and liver in the Generation Iron Podcast.

Impact of Steroids

While it is no secret that steroid usage plays a large role in bodybuilding and the fitness industry as a whole, it is important to realize that they may not always be as effective as you think. Many times someone will look at a bodybuilder and say “if I took steroids I would look like that”, insinuating that steroid usage is to thank for all of the gains and progression people make in the gym. Rich Piana was one who stated he encountered comments like this more often than not.

John Joshua James and his alleged steroid journey are a prime example of this not being entirely true. He has made his progress, but even with steroids is not anywhere near the physique of a competitive bodybuilder or even your standard influencer, and we mean no hate behind that statement. Sure, genetics play a role and he is also new to the gym, but this is an example, if it is true, that you steroids are not a magic pill for you to grow overnight into the next Mr. Olympia.

James’ experiment goes to show that you need to have everything in check to really see the results you desire.

Diet and Supplementation

While we cannot control what you do, we recommend make sure to have your diet and supplementation in check, and really be training hard, before you hop on a cycle like Tik Toker John Joshua James. People underestimate the impact of eating clean. When you are tracking your macros, making sure you get in the correct amount of fat and carbs, and especially protein, it really helps with your progress.

Another thing to make sure is in check is supplementation. Many times people will neglect buying supplements thinking that they are bogus, but there are so many over the counter supplements that are scientifically backed and designed to increase your gains and help your progression overall. Here are some supplements to help get you started:

  • Protein Powder– Helps hit your daily protein intake, which is key to repairing muscles and helping them grow back bigger and stronger.
  • Creatine– Helps to increase muscle growth, enhance focus, provide for better bulking, and boost recovery.
  • BCAAs– Help to enhance muscle growth, reduce muscle soreness and exercise fatigue, and prevent muscle wasting.
  • Pre-workout– Helps to provide enhanced focus, accelerate weight loss, and deliver muscle pumps to assist with those big lifts and force our muscles to grow.
  • Multivitamin– Helps provide sufficient nutrients to support muscle growth
  • Omega-3– Aides in joint and bone health

Josh Joshua James Wrap Up

Overall, Tik Toker Josh Joshua James is certainly unique with this experiment, if it is true. However, if James’ experiment yields true, it goes to show that sculpting the ideal physique requires more than just anabolic steroids, and you really need to put in the work and dedicate yourself to training, diet, and supplementation.

You can also see Derek from More Plates More Dates go into full detail on his opinions with Josh and his videos right here:

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