Joey Swoll Calls For Respect Of Others When Filming In The Gym: “If You Can’t Do That, Don’t Film At All”


Joey Swoll calls for gym goers to “be better” while filming.

The concept of filming in the gym has become popular in recent years with the emergence of TikTok. While this is not always a negative thing, there are certain gym goers that take it too far and use their cameras in disrespectful ways. Joey Swoll weighed in during his most recent video calling for these people to “be better.”

Swoll has built an incredible social media presence since defending those who are victims of “toxic gym culture.” There are many videos floating around that show inappropriate behavior in the gym.

Recently, a video shared by the TikTok account “xitlahly” showed a man in-between sets. A female walks up to use the machine next to him and the man gives a quick glance then shakes his head before moving onto his next set.

“I understand why this man is so frustrated and shaking his head. Your camera is pointed directly at him where you’re filming more of him than you are of yourself in your video. That would upset anybody. Not to mention, with all of these cameras and tripods popping up in gyms all over the place, people are getting frustrated because they just want to go to the gym to workout,” Joey Swoll said.

Joey Swoll has made his videos to defend those who do not have a voice or platform to do so.

Joey Swoll

Joey Swoll: “You Need To Do Better”

Filming in the gym is harmless if gym goers focus on themselves rather than others in the background. Swoll continues to speak on how it could be uncomfortable for some to be in the presence of a camera when trying to workout.

“You have to understand, just because you feel comfortable to film yourself at the gym doesn’t mean other people feel the same and this keeps a lot of people from going to the gym. Your wanting to film never takes priority over someone feeling comfortable enough to go workout in the gym and better themselves and a lot of people on your page told you this.”


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Overall, filming in the gym is something that people have the right to do but there is a right and a wrong way. To end his video, Joey Swoll put out a call-to-action for those to be better when using a camera.

“If you’re going to film, you have to film responsibly and with respect to other people. If you can’t do that, don’t film at all. You need to do better. Mind your own business.”

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