Top 10 Annoying Things In The Fitness Community

Top 10 Annoying Things In The Fitness Community

Are you guilty of any of these top 10 annoying gym habits?

There is a reason bodybuilders are called meatheads. If you are a regular to the gym, or even if you aren’t, you are likely to encounter someone who turns you off to the things they do.

Some of these fitness enthusiasts don’t limit their erratic behavior to the gyms. They will find a way or two to irritate you no matter where you are. If you haven’t seen any such people at your gym, this article should help you spot them.

The Screamers

We can understand grunting, but do these people really have to scream like they’re going into labor? Most people scream the way they do to get attention. Nothing is more embarrassing for these princesses than people not watching as they hit a PR.

The Broscientists

Broscientists are the people who pretend to know everything when it comes to fitness and bodybuilding. You will often find them correcting your form or suggesting new diets and supplements. Most of these broscientists are full of BS and you’d be better off staying away from them.

The Brand Shop

We can understand you like brands, but wearing Gucci and Armani to your workouts shouts you’re a show-off. If you are wondering, most people aren’t interested in where you get your stuff from.

The ‘Put-it-on-Steroids’ Guy

You’ll always find people who will put everything on steroids. If they find someone who looks awful and has an enlarged gut, they will put it on steroids. On the other hand, if they find someone with a ripped physique, they will undermine their effort by crediting steroids for their physique.

The Sweat Junkie

Some people need to carry a bucket with them to the gym. People who sweat but don’t carry a towel with them are way more irritating. You don’t want to be using a gym equipment after they’ve used it.

The Talker

Every gym has a group of people who are there to make new friends. These people will wait for you to complete your set and will pick up a conversation right away. Ignoring them while they try to talk to you the next time is the only way of keeping them away.

The Photoshop Pro

The fitness industry is full of imposters who want to gain social media followers by showing off their bodies. More often than not these people edit their pictures to look better than they are in real life.

The Pseudo Humble Guy

There are many fitness celebrities who act as if they are the most humble people you will ever meet. These hypocrites do so to gather people at their booths and to sell their stuff. There have been many instances in the past to prove this.

The Hard Seller

You can’t scroll through Instagram without being sold something by an Instagram celebrity. These celebrities are either big on sponsored posts or have amassed a following big enough to start their own brand.

The Stealer

Most people never learn to ask. Ever gym has people who take away weights and equipment other people are using without asking. Only a few things are more annoying than finding your weights are missing while you were away for a water break.

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