The Top 5 Supplements Bodybuilders Should Be Taking


These supplements need to be on your shelf as a bodybuilder to see serious gains and a shredded physique.

Bodybuilders need the right supplements to boost all their gains and knowing the best supplements around, and ones you should be taking, can greatly influence all areas of your training, performance, and health. It can be tough to choose the right supplements, especially with a market so heavily saturated. It can get expensive. It can be intimidating staring at an aisle in the store or scrolling through pages online. But it is possible to find the best supplements and this list will give you the best supplements that every bodybuilder should be taking.

We’ve put together a list of the Top 5 Supplements Bodybuilders Should Take in order to capitalize on all their gains. The right supplements can great enhance your training and performance, but also your overall health and wellness to keep you thriving inside and out of the gym.

Top 5 Supplements For Bodybuilders

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Best Protein Powder

A protein powder is perfect for pumping you with vital protein in order to see great growth and recovery. Protein is the building block of all muscle and with the right protein supplement, you can tackle all those growth and recovery goals (1).

Enhanced Whey Isolate

Calories 110
Protein 25g
Carbs 2g
Fat 1g
Sugar 1g
Flavors Chocolate Brownie
Number Of Servings 44

Enhanced Labs starts by selecting the highest quality whey proteins which undergo a series of sophisticated filtration processes to ‘isolate’ out excess fat and sugar. The final product is a complete protein containing no lactose and over 90% of pure protein per serving. Enhanced Whey is then fortified with the trademarked DigeSEB digestive enzyme blend for better protein utilization within the body. With 25g of protein at just 110 calories, this high quality whey is perfect for your muscle building and recovery goals.

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Enhanced Whey Protein Isolate is a high quality whey protein with just 110 calories and 25g protein. Fortified with DigeSEB digestive enzyme blend, this allows for better protein utilization in your body.


  • No fillers or artificial flavors
  • Massive 3-pound container
  • Fully disclosed supplement facts panel
  • 100% whey isolate
  • Added digestive enzymes


  • Premium priced product
  • only one flavor option

Price: $64.99

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Best Pre-Workout

A pre-workout supplement can work wonders for those vital energy boosts and muscle pumps so you get the most out of every workout. The right pre-workout routine will ensure you are ready to tackle any workout that comes your way (2).

Transparent Labs PreSeries BULK

Stim Or No Stim Stim
Calories 0
Carbs 0g
Sugar 0g
Number Of Servings 30
Flavors Orange, Green Apple, Sour Grape, Blue Raspberry, Tropical Punch
Best Way To Take Mix 1 scoop with 16-24 fl. oz. of water 20-30 minutes before your workout.

Backed by science with clinically effective dosages, Transparent Labs BULK is most effective for those looking to increase in size and muscle mass. BULK contains 6,000 mg of citrulline malate, 4,000 mg of beta-alanine, 4,000 mg of BCAAs, and 2,500 mg of betaine to boost your workouts, blood flow, weight loss, and muscle growth, all in attempts to improve performance. BULK will reduce fatigue and increase your energy to give you a more impactful and longer lasting workout. Transparent Labs prides themselves on a 100% label and there are artificial additives, colorings, or preservatives to ruin this clean product.

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Transparent Labs PreSeries BULK is backed by science with clinically effective dosages to increase muscle size and mass. This pre-workout is perfect for reducing fatigue, aiding in muscle growth, and boosting energy levels for better overall performance.


  • High amount of citrulline malate for awesome pumps
  • Very clean ingredients for an honest product
  • From a reputable company in Transparent Labs


  • High in beta alanine
  • Premium priced option
  • Only available directly from their site

Price: $49.00

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Best Intra-Workout Supplement

The right intra-workout supplement will be packed with BCAAs and EAAs to provide for continued energy and the ability to burst through fatigue. Able to fuel your muscles, this gives you a great mid-workout product to tackle those needs (3).

Enhanced EAA+

Number Of Ingredients 20+
Number Of Servings 30
Serving Size 1 Scoop
Best Way To Take Take 1 scoop during your workout or with cardio.

Enhanced Labs EAA+ pairs branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) with essential amino acids (EAAs), nootropics, trace electrolytes and minerals to make it a complete mass gainer and strength builder. With high quality ingredients in an advanced formula, you get a seriously effective supplement able to help tackle any and all of your needs. With 10g of clinically dosed essential amino acids, great blends will maximize muscle growth with just 2-3 servings per day.

Enhanced EAA+ is a great supplement to aid in your desired muscle growth and workout needs. A serious strength building formula is designed with essential amino acids, nootropics, trace electrolytes, and minerals for a complete mass gainer.


  • BCAAs and EAAs
  • Nootropics
  • Electrolytes and minerals
  • 22 clinically dosed ingredients


  • Only one flavor option

Price: $34.99

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Best Multivitamin

A multivitamin is perfect for pumping you with vital nutrients often missed in your diet. An increased focus on those essential vitamins and minerals, a daily multi can help avoid any deficiencies (4).

Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi For Men

Number Of Ingredients 17+
Number of Servings 30
Serving Size 4 NutriCaps
Best Way To Take Take two capsules twice per day with or without food.

Performance Lab Multivitamin is another great option as a multivitamin for men specifically formulated for bodybuilders to help with your supplement needs. Being non-GMO, as well as additive and allergen free, we found this to be a very appealing and healthy multivitamin. By working to restore nutrients missing from your diet, it supports healthy cell performance across all body systems. This ultramodern multivitamin with work to enhance your overall health and peak performance while boosting immunity with great ingredients for foundational nutritional support to promote vitality, long-range overall health and recovery.

Performance Lab NutriGenesis Multi For Men is a specifically formulated multi for bodybuilders to help with all their needs. With 17+ essential daily vitamins and minerals, this top tier formula is great for overall health and wellness.


  • Contains a diverse group of vitamins to cover your overall health
  • All ingredients are natural
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Ultramodern design with patented technology


  • Low in calcium and magnesium
  • Only available on their website

Price: $39.00 for 120 tablets

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Zottman curl

Best Supplement For Growth & Repair

When looking to optimize gains, you need to look to grow your muscles through proper repair. The right supplements can aid in protein synthesis for growth, work to alleviate muscle soreness, and assist with repair so you get the best chance at seeing overall gains.

Enhanced Arachidonic Acid

Amount Of Arachidonic Acid 1,400mg
Number Of Servings 30
Serving Size 4 Capsules
Best Way To Take Take 4 capsules 30 minutes before working out or on an empty stomach.

Enhanced Arachidonic Acid is one great product to seriously help you break plateaus, increase recovery, and promote muscle mass through a safe and effective product. While we all want to see gains continue to grow, sometimes those dreaded plateaus keep us from seeing serious growth. Playing an important role in growth and repair of the skeletal muscle tissues, this supplement will be a huge aid in the muscle hypertrophy process so you leave the gym satisfied. Clinically dosed with the right ingredients, this supplement is sure to be a nice addition to your shelf.

Enhanced Arachidonic Acid is a great product to help break plateaus, increase recovery, and promote muscle mass. Clinically dosed with the right ingredients, this is a great supplement for growth.


  • This is stackable with other supplements like creatine
  • It is clinically validated, safe, non-hormonal, and stimulant free


  • Four capsules is a lot for a serving size
  • There is greater delayed onset muscle soreness post-exercise

Price: $39.99

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Wrap Up

Knowing the best supplements to take can greatly affect all your gains and every bodybuilder should be taking these top supplements to improve training, performance, and their overall health. While it can seem like a daunting task, there are companies out there seeking only the best benefit for you and your gains. Check out this list of the best supplements every bodybuilder should be taking and work to boost all your gains today.

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