The ultimate upper body workout regimen courtesy of Mr. Classic Physique himself.

UPPER BODY CARNAGE: TRAINING WITH ROBERT & RICH – is a training video special providing uncompromising insight from pro Classic Physique competitor Robert Timms and the legendary Rich Gaspari. Follow along with their specific training routine as they share specific tweaks and tips to optimize your back workout to a pro bodybuilding level.

Robert Timms is one of the most exciting competitors in the Classic Physique division right now. While he’s had a bit of a roller coaster year in regards to placing, the evidence is clear – Robert Timms has an amazing classic physique. That’s why Robert has teamed up with the legendary Dragon Slayer himself, Rich Gaspari, to provide you all with an in depth and insightful upper body workout regimen that you can follow along and learn from.

What better way to learn how to optimize your workout than from two pro athletes who not only make their living off of bodybuilding – but have also been incredibly successful at sculpting their physiques to perfection?

You can watch the full training video above. Make sure to bookmark it so you can review before the next time you hit the gym.


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