Ventsislav Dimitrov Hits 500kg Deadlift During Recent Training Session

Ventsislav Dimitrov hit a massive 500kg deadlift during a recent training session.
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Ventsislav Dimitrov completed the lift that was around five times his bodyweight!

A 500kg deadlift is the gold standard of the lift. There is a reason that it is not accomplished much, considering that the world record remains 501kg. Many powerlifters are working toward the goal of reaching this mark and that includes Ventsislav Dimitrov.

During a recent training session, Dimitrov crushed a 500kg (1,102.3lb) deadlift. In the video, Dimitrov used a mixed grip in a sumo stance to complete the lift. He wore lifting straps and used a Texas deadlift bar. This is a barbell with more give than a standard Olympic barbell.

The weight came up with ease for Dimitrov but because of the bar and stance that was used, there was not much distance that the weight had to travel.

“500kg RPE 9 Beltless 5xBW hoist

Final heavy pull before Eisenhart ✌🏻”


Eddie Hall became the first man to deadlift 500kg. He did so during Europe’s Strongest Man competition back in 2016. Hall set a new world record just to have it beaten by Hafthor Bjornsson at 501kg. Both Strongmen used a conventional stance, which brings less criticism than a sumo stance.

Ventsislav Dimitrov Crushes Insane Lift

The video shared by Ventsislav Dimitrov was shared in the final week of November just ahead of the 2023 Eisenhart Black Competition. During the event, Dimitrov’s competed at 100kg. If this was his weight during the video, the deadlift would be five times his bodyweight.

Dimitrov has a 430kg deadlift under his best at this event, behind the likes of Ivan Makarov and Rauno Heinla.

Dimitrov has competed in two sanctioned powerlifting competitions over the course of his career. These were both gold-medal finishes during the 2019 and 2021 World Raw Powerlifting Federation World Championships. By the looks of his recent training, Ventsislav Dimitrov looks like he is preparing to outdo his past performances by a large margin moving forward.

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