Victor Martinez: If Big Ramy Focuses Too Much On Size He Can Lose To Brandon Curry

Victor Martinez shares his reaction to Big Ramy’s big win and what his future holds in the sport.

On December 19, 2020 Big Ramy won the Mr. Olympia. This was a long time coming after almost 10 years of struggling to live up to his potential. For seemingly the first time, everyone agreed he was far and above the winner. There was no controversy. No let down. Just a pure victory for a talented and beloved competitor. But what will his future hold? Will he become the next reigning champion for years to come? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Victor Martinez reacts to Big Ramy’s Olympia win and shares his thoughts for his future.

Victor Martinez is a pro bodybuilder who has been around in the sport for a few decades now. He is extremely passionate about bodybuilding. He’s started his own IFBB pro show and has competed consistently throughout the years. He’s also a man who is open and honest about his opinions in the sport.

That’s why when we had a chance to reconnect with Victor Martinez, we asked him for his thoughts on the Mr. Olympia 2020. More specifically, how he felt about Big Ramy’s win after years of hype and hope that he would become champion. Like many fans and experts – Martinez believes that pound for pound Big Ramy deserved the win.

But we wanted to know how this could potentially change upcoming Olympia competitions. And what the future will hold for Big Ramy. Will he be yet another one and done winner? Or will he bring upon us the next long time reigning champion? And will others now focus more on size to keep up with his massive physique? Much like how Ronnie Coleman inspired and permanently altered the culture of the sport.

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Victor Martinez believes that it will be hard for anyone to defeat Big Ramy in future shows. But there’s one catch. That’s only if Ramy can maintain his conditioning with each new year. In the past, Ramy has struggled with balancing his size and conditioning at the same time. He nailed it in 2020 – but one year of perfection does not make a guarantee for the future.

Victor Martinez points out that Big Ramy’s strength is in the duality of his size and conditioning. If he can keep both on point, there’s no one currently competing who can beat him. But the past has also shown us that Big Ramy has not been consistent. There’s a chance that 2020 was a turning point for Ramy and that his future is bright. There’s also a chance that he will regress back to his inconsistencies.

This is the point that Victor Martinez drives home. When a bodybuilder is so known for his massive size (even compared to most mass monsters in the sport), it can be easy to focus too much on size and lose grasp of conditioning. If that happens again, Martinez believes that someone like Brandon Curry or even Phil Heath can return to become champion again.

Basically – Big Ramy’s future success is not guaranteed. 2021 will be a proving ground of sorts. Will he prove that his improvements are more consistent and permanent for the coming years? Or will he ultimately fall back on his inconsistencies? There’s no way to know. Victor Martinez acknowledges this and simply hopes that Big Ramy doesn’t succumb to his size.

You can watch Victor Martinez’s full comments on Big Ramy’s Olympia win and future in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!