86-Year-Old Weightlifter Sets New Deadlift Nation And World Records

Brian Winslow Deadlift
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Brian Winslow continues to set the bar higher with a new record-setting deadlift.

Age is just a number. Brian Winslow continues to live by those words. At 86 years old, Winslow continues to compete as a weightlifter and is setting new marks to this day. Recently, Winslow set a new deadlift record during his latest competition.

Winslow competed at the 2023 British Drug Free Powerlifting championships on March 18. During the show, Winslow completed a 77.5lb (171lb) deadlift on his second attempt. This set a new British and World Record in the 60kg category for male competitors 85-89 years old.

“It’s always great to get a record or two. I was exhausted straight after but okay,” Winslow told BBC.

Winslow hails from Derbyshire in the UK. He began weightlifting at a young age and continues to compete in a sport he is passionate about to this day. When he began lifting, he found that deadlifts were his favorite and he continues to shine in the event.

“I think it’s the best event but it is the most taxing.”


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Even at 86 years old, Winslow is not slowing down. He wants to continue competing as long as he is able to.

“Weightlifting is a huge part of my life, alongside my children and grandchildren. I’ll keep carrying on for as long as the body allows.”

Age Is Just A Number In Fitness

The fitness world does not focus on the age of competitors. It is all about the willingness and motivation for athletes to compete at the age they are. If a person can keep their body in shape to compete, they will be able to. There have been many examples of this, no matter if it is age or physical stature.

In May 2021, Renee Landers stepped on stage for the first time in a bodybuilding competition. At 69 years old, she was the oldest competitor by 20 years but she did not let this get in the way of her goal of becoming a bodybuilder. She finished sixth in the event and she remembers it as one of the best days of her life.


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This culminated a fitness journey for Landers that became after her son was born. Another example of this is Danni Levy maintaining her shredded abs just weeks after giving birth.

Levy built a slim and muscular physique over the years and was able to maintain it throughout her pregnancy as well. Levy, who is the editor of Muscle and Health Magazine, has been hard at work in the gym and shows it off on social media.

Brian Winslow is now another inspiration for those who do not believe they can do something. At 86 years old, he remains as active as ever in the gym and in competition. Now, he will look to build upon a record-setting performance last time out.

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