3 Major Mays Weight Loss Shows Lie To The General Public

All smoke and mirrors.

While we definitely appreciate weight loss shows for raising body awareness and doing it in an entertaining manner to boot. There comes a responsibility in taking a position of authority and giving information on a specific subject to the general public. While these contestants often do indeed lose weight, how often do they actually become healthy? And while we are at it, how often do they actually keep off the weight?

We truly live in a new world that is more obsessed and focused on staying healthy… but there’s still a huge difference between the kind of training that bodybuilders do (or hell, even consistent average lifters) and the sensational shows that try to make some $$$ off of real people looking for help and health.

While we’re not demonizing these shows because we do believe they are helpful in the long run, one must remember this is ENTERTAINMENT and many of their tactics are for drama and not for results. So where are they going wrong? How can they do better? Below we give you the 3 biggest lies weight loss shows are feeding you.

LIE #1. Workouts have to be long and painful

According to shows like the biggest loser, every workout is an hour long puke filled journey into the human soul. While people falling off treadmills and adults crying like babies is great for ratings, it’s not necessarily reality.

The truth is that workouts don’t have to be long and excruciating at all. While the morbidly obese may need to start with walking daily and changing out simple sugars for healthy fats and proteins – the rest of us can do good work in 15 to 20 mins by doing high intensity compound movements. Research is starting to show that the old school way of grinding yourself into the ground can actually be harmful and take away from your gains (bodybuilders not included). Get better slowly – day by day.

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