3 Major Mays Weight Loss Shows Lie To The General Public

LIE #3. The scale is God

One of the most annoying and wildly popular lies perpetuated by these weight loss shows is that the scale is the know all end all of your hard work. Your level of fitness is determined by how low you can get on the scale. On the shows you will see this in the “after” footage… a skinny fat individual without an ounce of muscle in sight and plastered with a smile (So glad we spent those last 3 hrs on the treadmill).

The scale is a tool to track progress – no doubt, but a far cry from an end all be all measurement of fitness. Body composition – the ratio of lean mass to fat – is way more important and accurate indicator of health. The truth is gaining a bit of muscle in sacrifice of the scale is a much healthier option. These poor contestants come off the scales thinking they’re “failures” for increasing their body composition and not meeting some unhealthy goal for dropping weight from a device used to measure muscle, poop, and mud all the same.

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So they’re you have. Our top #3 biggest lies perpetrated by weight loss shows. Did we miss any? of course we did, but that’s where you come in. Sound of in the comments section with your biggest weight loss lies from reality shows!

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