5 Arm Exercises To Make Your Guns Pop

5 Arm Exercises To Make Your Guns Pop

Best Arm Exercise For Bigger Arms

If you’re a gym regular and still can’t build your arms, you might already know to grow your pythons takes more than doing a few curls. You need to train your biceps and triceps with a balanced approach to build symmetry and proportions.

Having muscle symmetry and the right proportions can add delusion and make your arms look bigger than they actually are. Follow the exercises mentioned in the article to make the most of your arm training.


If you haven’t tried 21’s, you have no idea what a brutal bicep pump feels like. You’ll have to drop your ego at the door before performing the 21’s as you’ll only be ab able to lift around 30-40% of your normal bicep curl weight.

For the first seven reps, lift the barbell from the bottom to the mid-way point. From the top to the bottom will be the next seven reps, and you’ll finish the set by performing seven barbell bicep curls with a full range of motion.

Floor EZ Bar Skullcrushers

Most people make the mistake of limiting their range of motion by overloading the bar while performing the barbell skullcrushers. In this exercise, you need to lie down with your back on an exercise mat and an EZ bar placed right next to the top of your head.

While keeping your elbows and upper arms parallel to each other and perpendicular to the floor, lift the barbell by extending at your elbows. Contract your tris at the top of the movement. Return to the starting position and touch the floor with the weight plates on the bar before repeating for another rep.

Arm Blaster Hammer Curls

The arm blaster is one of the most underutilized accessories in the gym. Using the arm blaster turns your normal dumbbell curls into an isolation exercise by eliminating the possibility of using momentum to lift the weights.

Performing the dumbbell hammer curls using an arm blaster will help in developing the length and peak of your guns. Make sure you squeeze your bis and tris with every rep while performing the exercises mentioned in the article.

Single Arm Cable Extensions

Unilateral exercises like the single-arm cable extensions are an incredibly effective way of fixing muscular imbalances. Performing the single-arm cable extensions can also help you achieve a better mind-muscle connection and hence a better pump.

Hold the cable in one hand with a neutral (palms facing the side) grip and the pulley should be at the highest position. With a slight bend in your back, push the cable towards the floor while maintaining your elbows in the same position. Hold and contract your tris at the bottom of the movement and repeat for the recommended reps.

Double Arm Overhead Cable Curls

Ask someone to show you their guns, and they’ll probably hit the front double biceps pose. Performing the double-arm overhead able curls can help you build the roundness, peak, and separation in your bis which can make your guns pop.

To perform the overhead curls, attach the pulley at a height where it is slightly above your shoulder level. Your upper arms should be in a straight line and parallel to the floor while you’re performing the exercise. Contract the life out of your pythons as you flex them at the front double biceps pose position.

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