Akim Williams talks about the value of being coached in person and the damage done by gym closings across the nation.

Akim Williams was one of the few bodybuilders who ended up catching COVID-19. He recovered without issue but still experienced the reality of how contagious this virus really is. Due to the pandemic, many businesses had to close due to lockdowns or regulation rules and orders over the past year. This includes gyms, which have been a point of controversy in the bodybuilding and fitness world. In our latest GI Exclusive, Akim Williams explains why he thinks gyms should have been allowed to stay open, even after his experience with COVID-19.

The decision to close down gyms in much of the country has been met with extreme controversy. While many gym owners followed the rules, there were reports of some who ignored the orders and kept their gyms open. This even led to some legal action against the business.

While there finally seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel, there are still some states that are keeping gyms closed. And even the states that opened up, the damage has already been done after months of staying closed. We spoke with Akim Williams about his opinion on the gym closings across the country.

As a pro bodybuilder, Akim Williams relies on gyms for his career. Without the ability to use the proper equipment and space – he is unable to build the physique that is needed to win competitions. This is a situation that all competitive bodybuilders found themselves in after the closings.

On the other hand, Akim Williams also contracted COVID-19 earlier in the pandemic. So he also knows the reality of the contagious disease and its effects. So does he believe that gyms being closed was the right call? Does extreme caution for health and safety stand above the business and livelihoods of gym owners and patrons?

Akim Williams believes that gyms didn’t need to be closed and he still thinks that all gyms should be allowed to stay open. Of course, he would expect regulations and rules to be put into place to make it safer. He believes that perhaps lower occupancy, mask wearing, and rigorous daily cleaning would be enough to keep gyms safe while also staying open.

In fact, Akim believes that staying in shape helps fight off against the virus as well. Of course, it can’t make you immune, but being healthier and fit certainly help stave off the worse symptoms of the disease. At least, that’s what Akim believes.

Using his own experience as an example, he believes that he would have gotten much more sick if he wasn’t constantly in shape and eating a strict healthy diet. In essence, gyms can be a small factor of helping combat COVID-19 and bring down hospitalizations for those who exercise regularly.

In this interview segment, Akim Williams also talks about the value of being trained and coached in person vs online. Yet another reason why gyms being open would be important. Akim admits that each person has their preference – and online coaching is very popular – but he prefers in person. It always provides him with better results.

You can watch Akim William’s full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!