Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Go-To Proteins While Following 80% Vegan Diet

Arnold Schwarzenegger broke down his meal plan while following a mainly vegan diet.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has shared in the past that he has followed vegan and plant-based diets. While he is not fully into it, the legendary bodybuilder has admitted to being 80% vegan. Recently, Schwarzenegger discussed his protein intake and how he likes to get it on a daily basis.

Schwarzenegger built a career that has him known as the greatest bodybuilder of all-time. After coming over from Austria, Schwarzenegger caught eyes because of his insane physique and turned it into a legendary career on stage. On his way to seven Olympia titles, Arnold did great things for the sport of bodybuilding as a whole. He continues to be an influential figure in the sport.

The 75-year-old bodybuilder continues to train in the gym. He has changed his diet and nutrition plan, which he has been open about.

“Some people feel forced to eat animal proteins to support muscle and strength. You actually have more flexibility than you’ve been led to believe. New research suggests that it doesn’t matter if you eat plant protein or animal protein. Both dieting styles can deliver similar body transformation results.”

Schwarzenegger discussed his diet plan and go-to proteins during a recent episode of his Arnold’s Pump Club podcast.

Arnold Schwarzenegger training
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Sources Of Protein

Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted to following a vegan diet but is not fully committed.

“To be clear, I’m not fully vegan. I just about eat 80% less meat than I used to.”

Schwarzenegger might not eat as much meat as he used to but still makes sure to add some protein into his diet. He mentioned these sources as his go-to proteins — eggs, salmon, chicken, veggie burgers, lentils, beans, and chickpea soups.

Schwarzenegger admitted that his diet plan is “boring” and there are no exciting secrets to him staying in shape. He continued to share an example of a day of eating.

“In the morning, after my workout, I usually have oatmeal or greek yogurt…For lunch, I always have a salad. Sometimes with a plant-based burger or maybe salmon or chicken. other times, it’s with a scramble or omelette…For dinner, I always have soup. I like to eat light for my last meal.”

As plain as Arnold Schwarzenegger says that he eats, he admits to adding a cheat meal every now and then of a steak or schnitzel.

“My friends can tell you that I grill a fantastic New York strip. My real key is being very routine so when I eat a big meal it doesn’t set me back because I’m automatically eating well most of the time.”

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