Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares His Personal “Mecca Weightlifting Club”… And It’s Not Gold’s Gym

Arnold Schwarzenegger training
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Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed the gym he refers to as the “Mecca” and it might not be what you think.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is regarded as the best bodybuilder of all-time and one of the names synonymous with bodybuilding, and fitness as a whole. So, where does a legend like Arnold consider the “Mecca” of weightlifting? It might not be where you think.

In his recent documentary, Arnoldon Netflix, Schwarzenegger spoke about a club called Athletik Union Graz in his home country of Austria was his go-to gym.

“This weightlifting club became for me, the Mecca. I became addicted to it and so I went there everyday.”

Schwarzenegger became a sensation at a young age because of his insane physique. He burst onto the scene once he came to America and quickly became a star in bodybuilding. Schwarzenegger won seven Olympia titles, along with many other prestigious awards.

Schwarzenegger moved to Venice Beach, CA when he began his bodybuilding career. Once the move was made, he was invited to workout at some of the most famous gyms in the country, including the great Gold’s Gym. He has been at many gyms around the world with some of the biggest names but still favors his gym back home.

When his competition days were done, Schwarzenegger found success on the big screen and in politics as well. Now, he continues to be an influential voice in fitness as he hosts the Arnold Classic once a year and is vocal about the current happenings in bodybuilding.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Training Program

At 75 years old, Arnold Schwarzenegger has continued to work hard in the gym and focus on his own fitness. In his documentary, the bodybuilding legend also opened up about his feeling of dissatisfaction about his physique over the course of his career.

Schwarzenegger might not lift as heavy as he used to but he still trains with great passion and motivation. He focuses on lighter weight and taking less time between sets.

Here is an example of a workout from Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Exercise Sets Reps
Arm Circuit
Machine Preacher Curl 4 10-12
Machine Dip 4 10-12
Shoulder Circuit
Machine Overhead Press 5 10-12
Machine Lateral Raise 5 10-12
Machine Rear Delt Fly 5 10-12


There are many gyms that Arnold Schwarzenegger has trained in over the course of his career and lifetime. The home gym in Austria continues to be his favorite and the one that saw his passion grow.

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