Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Best Muscle-Building Bodyweight Workout

Arnold Schwarzenegger broke down a workout that anyone can do without weights.

When looking for some fitness advice or a new workout, there are few better to listen to than Arnold SchwarzeneggerRegarded as the best bodybuilder of all-time, Schwarzenegger continues to share different tips for training in the gym. Recently, he shared a bodyweight workout focused on resistance.

Schwarzenegger releases a newsletter called The Pump Daily NewsletterThis is where readers can get thoughts and opinions from Schwarzenegger himself.

“Your body does NOT need weights to change; it requires resistance. When machines, dumbbells, and barbells are not available (or unwanted), your body weight can be used to create an amazingly effective workout that builds muscle. As we previously shared, research suggests that intensity — not the amount of weight you use — drives muscle growth. In other words, you can use heavier or lighter weights as long as you push yourself near the point of failure.”

After beginning training at a young age, Schwarzenegger came to the U.S. from Austria and quickly gained recognition because of his insane physique. During his career, he won 14 world titles, including seven Olympia titles. He competed against some of the best in the world, including Lou Ferrigno and Frank Zane.

Following a successful career on stage, Schwarzenegger moved to the big screen and was a star in many big-time movies. This includes The Terminator and The Predator. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodyweight Workout 

Arnold Schwarzenegger shared a workout that focuses on resistance rather than weights in the gym.

“Here’s an example of a bodyweight, muscle-building workout that will prioritize intensity, focus on self-limiting exercises, and move at a pace where you will exhaust your muscle and force them to grow.”

Recently, Arnold Schwarzenegger has shared different ways to prepare and recover from a workout. This includes different protein shakes and speaking on the important of caffeine.

“To find the sweet spot with bodyweight exercises, try supersets, giant sets, and circuits to add more volume and use ‘self-limiting’ exercises. Self-limiting movements — like push-ups and inverted rows — reduce your injury risk because when you can no longer complete any reps, you simply stop moving (without the fear of a barbell crushing you).”

Arnold Schwarzenegger Tips And Workouts

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