Calum Von Moger shares his future plans as an IFBB pro bodybuilder.

In November 2020, Calum Von Moger earned his IFBB pro card at the NPC Universe competition. This might very well change the landscape of Classic Physique in the future. Calum has often been seen as a man with a threatening physique. Now that he’s in the pro league he can battle against other superstars like Chris Bumstead and Breon Ansley. But when exactly will we see Calum on the pro stage? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Calum Von Moger shares his pro bodybuilding plan for 2021 and hints at when he will compete again.

The road to becoming a IFBB pro bodybuilder was a bumpy one for Calum Von Moger. He was all set and ready to fight for his pro card as early as 2018. His plans were set off course when two serious injuries in short succession took him out of competing for over a year. These injuries and his recovery were chronicled in our documentary – Calum Von Moger: Unbroken.

Fast forward to 2020. Calum Von Moger has not only recovered but brought his physique back to his prime form. He landed a first place victory in his class as the NPC Universe and has now earned his pro card.

Fans are eager to see Calum Von Moger further improve his physique and bring a powerful package to the Mr. Olympia stage. But before he can do that, Calum needs to earn qualification. So everyone wants to know – when will Calum compete in his first pro show?

During our interview conversation, we ask Calum Von Moger to break down his future plans. While he doesn’t have an exact show in mind just yet – he’s expecting to compete in his first pro show in August or September 2021. More importantly, Calum is taking this time to improve and perfect his off season so that he can bring the best physique of his life to the pro stage.

Keeping in mind that the Olympia usually takes place in September, it seems that Calum might not be looking to earn qualification and compete at the Olympia in 2021. Though if he competes in August, there is still a possibility that he will make it into the Mr. Olympia 2021.

Only time will tell but there is some wisdom in taking it slow and steady. We have seen far too many time when a young bodybuilder quickly turns pro, qualifies, and competes in the Olympia all in the same year. This often leads to a lower placing. Calum might very well be focusing on taking it slightly slower so that he can be an immediate imposing force when he appears on the Olympia stage. Whenever that may be.

To commemorate Calum’s recovery, return to competitive bodybuilding, and his future in the IFBB pro league – Calum also talks about the meaning behind his new arm tattoo. Focusing on the metaphor of the phoenix, Calum sees this tattoo as a tribute to his comeback. He has risen from the ashes and hopes to be more powerful than ever.

You can watch Calum Von Moger talk about his new tattoo and his future pro bodybuilding plans in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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