generation ironAesthetics can be a matter of opinion.

For the past couple of weeks the Arnold Classic and Sports Festivals have been dominating the bodybuilding scene. The top competitors have been a heated battle for the number one spot and each time the rankings seemed to work out the same. Dexter Jackson took top honors at both competitions while Branch Warren took second place. Justin Compton would come in third in both attempts, which leaves us with the man who took fourth place: Cedric McMillan.

Recently the talented bodybuilder has been the topic of conversation for his potential to one day be crowned Mr. Olympia. His physique harkens back to a time of the classic bodybuilders like Frank Zane, Sergio Oliva, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The man has broad shoulders and a V-Taper just like the bodybuilders of old. Many fans in the audience let their opinion known when the listings were announced. Many booed the fact that McMillan came in fourth place, which begs the question: did Cedric deserve to be placed higher?

This sport is extremely subjective in what’s considered to be the ultimate physique. Many people may agree that Dexter was the obvious number one choice while others believe Cedric’s classical form should’ve seen him place higher if not win the event. The truth of the matter is that all of this is based on opinion. But you do have to wonder what the judging criteria is for events. What exactly are the judges looking for in a physique? Are the wider fuller waists considered to be a highlight of the physique as opposed to traditional slim waist broad shouldered form?

If you let Arnold tell it, bodybuilding is at a crossroads. That doesn’t mean the judging is bad or incorrect, but it does mean that public perception and the critical eye of the judges should do it’s best to meet in the middle. There are merits for the heavier muscled forms that took the top three spots in the competition. They look larger than life and seem to be that much more unattainable, making it difficult for the average person to build themselves up to that level. But that doesn’t mean we should dismiss Cedric’s own powerful and classic form. From a purely aesthetic standpoint it’s easy to see why so many people believe Cedric’s form is superior to his competition. Only time will tell if the judges are in agreement with the notion.

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Jonathan Salmon
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