Chris Bumstead Shares Sleeve-Ripping Arm Workout To Build Size

Chris Bumstead shared his favorite arm-day workout to crush his biceps and triceps.

Chris Bumstead is the reigning three-time Classic Physique Olympia champion but he is never satisfied with his physique. This offseason, Bumstead has battled different obstacles but is looking better than ever during training sessions. In a recent YouTube video, Bumstead shared a massive arm workout that he has been using to build size.

Bumstead has a chance to make it four Olympia victories in a row in December in Las Vegas. Early in the year, Bumstead contracted COVID-19 and was forced to take some time off but has since returned to training and is in the midst of bulking.

Chris Bumstead has continued to put on weight and build the muscle needed to win yet another title. This includes his arms, which has been a focus recently but is not always over the course of the year.

“I definitely have the arm days in right now. I don’t always throughout the year but I just want them to grow more. And they’ve finally been growing since last year,” Bumstead said.

Chris Bumstead Arm Workout

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Chris Bumstead throws two supersets into the mix when performing this workout. It begins with the first duo of the day to pump the triceps. When performing rope push-downs and overhead tricep extensions together, Bumstead highlights the feeling of contracting the muscle followed by a stretch.

“I’ve been starting with this basically for the last four months. Basic tricep extensions with the rope and superset with over the head. It gives a tight squeeze at the bottom and when you go over the head, it gives you a tight stretch, or big stretch…You get a pump from the normal tricep extensions and then you go overhead and you stretch them, giving you this crazy burn and it feels super good.”

The next superset comes later in the workout for biceps. Bumstead hits one for each side of the arm focusing on technique.

Preacher Curls

After warming up the triceps, Bumstead begins to alternate exercises between bicep and triceps. The first of the day for biceps came on Bumstead’s favorite machine.

“This right here, this beautiful blue machine, is the GOAT bicep machine for myself personally. It’s what I figured out is the best way to contract my bicep on a heavy load, push your intensity, while keeping the load on my bicep. It’s much easier on a preacher curl, your bicep is stuck in a stiff position.”

Bumstead explains that this machine is one where he continues to get stronger. He loads up the bar with one 25-pound weight on each side before adding a second later in the workout. Since this is one of his favorite machines, Bumstead does it for 3-4 working sets pumping out as many reps as possible.


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Incline Dumbbell Skull Crushers

Chris Bumstead likes to isolate triceps here and it helps to take some pressure off the shoulders. Doing this workout like this will allow the lifter to target the triceps and with the right technique, it will allow the triceps to be worked equally.

“I like doing these because it allows you to focus on each arm individually.”

Crossbody Cable Tricep Extension

Bumstead finishes the workout with this exercise because it is easier to pump out a big number of reps at the end of training. This is where the tricep can be worked across the body instead of parallel like earlier in the session.

“It’s a little easier to pound some reps out at the end of your workout…Bringing across your body sideways instead of parallel with the body like I was doing earlier with the bicep.”

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