A Complete Guide To Meal Replacement Supplements

meal replacements

Meal replacements are perfect supplements to help with any and all of your dietary needs by giving you those vital on-the-go nutrients.

For those of us who live busy lives and always find ourselves always on the go, high-quality meal replacements can be a game-changer. Able to fill us up and provide us with those vital macronutrients, as well as a host of other great ingredients, having this amazing supplement on stand by can be huge for our gains. Whether you are looking for something whey based, or if you need something more plant-based, the options for both do exist and can each work wonders for our muscle growth, appetite control, recovery, and overall lifestyle.

While it is certainly best to get all of your nutrients from whole foods and a good home cooked meal, sometimes that just isn’t an option. With companies starting to prioritize their ingredients to include more whole foods, you do still get plenty of nutritional value out of these products.

In this complete guide to meal replacements, we’ll break down what you need to know about these supplements. From what they are, to the many benefits, and what to look for, finding the right product for you will be easier.

meal replacements

What Are Meal Replacements?

Meal replacements come in many forms, but the three most popular forms are a pre-bottled shake, a bar, or in powder form which you will then use to make a shake. They will offer good caloric options while pumping you with a great balance of macronutrients so you don’t miss out on any of the essentials needed to thrive inside and out of the gym.


Many of the top meal replacements will also include fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other solid ingredients to keep your body primed and ready to go for whatever comes your way (1). The perfect source of fuel for those on-the-go needs, meal replacements are a blessing in disguise.

meal replacements

Benefits Of Meal Replacements

The benefits of meal replacements can seriously affect our gains inside and out of the gym and lead us to living healthier lifestyles. With a well-balanced diet from whole foods to tackle all of our nutritional needs, we are one step closer to capitalizing on all our gains.

Benefits of meal replacements include:

  • Have Great Ingredients

A variety of whole food ingredients are offered to aid in all aspects of our overall health, digestion, and recovery. Possible protein sources include whey protein, pea protein, and brown rice protein and things like fiber and low amounts of sugar make these healthy options.


  • Supporting Weight Management

High in protein with balanced macronutrients, these are a solid way to track calories and ensure you get something into your body while still promoting weight loss and management (2). Just because you have a busy lifestyle, doesn’t mean you can’t still care for your weight.

  • Perfect For Busy Schedules

Great for grab and go options, these can fuel you wherever you are and boost athletic performance. Since we all do live busy and stressful lives, these can ensure you get the most out of your diet while still on the move.

  • Affordable And Convenient

A quick source of protein rich fuel at an affordable price for easy convenience and recovery from a well-balanced diet. Even some of the best options can still be affordable.

protein powder for men nutrients muscle growth lean muscle bulking

What To Look For In Meal Replacements

Meal replacements and their respective formulas may differ depending on the brand so here are a few things to look out for when choosing the right product for you:

  • Ratio Of Macronutrients: You want to make sure you have enough protein to keep you full and aid in that desired growth and recovery while also having a good ratio of fats and carbs as well.
  • Taste & Sugar: There are some great tasting, protein rich meal replacements that exist without adding in all that extra sugar. Substitutes like stevia and monk fruit are becoming very common so you still get some of that sweetness.
  • Extra Beneficial Ingredients: Look to see if the formula includes things like fiber, omega-3s, collagen, and vitamins and minerals that can really work to add to the benefits. Also look at the protein source being something like whey, pea protein, or brown rice protein depending on your dietary wants and needs.
  • Calorie Count: While the calories may still be high since it is replacing a meal, look for ones with lower calories but higher protein. This will help keep you full and assist with weight loss, management and recovery.

Safety & Effectiveness

Meal replacements are safe to consume and do contain valuable ingredients that can help power you through the day. Do your best to eat a whole food meal and don’t always rely on meal replacement products, but for those days you are on-the-go, there is no harm in packing one away. These can work wonders for your gains and support things like muscle growth, appetite control, recovery, and a host of others to improve your overall lifestyle.

Featured Meal Replacement

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Wrap Up

Finding the right meal replacements for you can be difficult but with this complete guide, we hope to help make those choices a bit easier. As great sources of fuel for those on-the-go needs, meal replacements have the power to really help boost a number of our gains as we seek the best for ourselves. Check out some great meal replacement products and see what these can do for your overall health and wellness.

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