How To Cut Water Weight Before A Competition

Get that shredded look you’ve been seeking.

Cutting water weight. It’s a dilemma that all bodybuilders must face if they wish to see the striations and definition they’ve worked so hard for. Water retention keeps your chest and abs from looking their shredded best and there’s nothing worse then getting up on stage or, hell, taking off your shirt in public only to present a bloated stomach.

Cutting water weight is apart of many other sports as well, particularly combat sports. Sports like boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts all are regulated by the use of weight classes. If you want to fight in a particular weight class and perform your best then you have to cut water weight in order to do so. Bodybuilding is no different. If you want to cut water weight and keep that shredded appearance then you should follow these simple diet and training tips.

Low sodium diet

Generation Iron Bodybuilding sodium

The more salt you consume the more water you’ll trap in your body. The salt essentially holds on to the water stored in the body. By having a low salt diet your body will be able to get rid of any excess fluid and waste.



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