Derek Lunsford Shares Latest Update Ahead Of 2024 Pittsburgh Pro

Derek Lunsford Instagram

Derek Lunsford is back in the U.S. and preparing for the Pittsburgh Pro.

Derek Lunsford is back in the United States and preparing for his guest posing appearance during the 2024 Pittsburgh Pro. The full guest posing lineup is in place and Lunsford will headline another loaded group. On Tuesday, Lunsford shared his latest physique update ahead of his appearance.

Last year, Lunsford jumped Choopan at the 2023 Olympia to win his first title. Choopan was not satisfied with the result and quickly went back to work. He was able to win both the Arnold Classic and Arnold Classic UK. Despite already being qualified in 2024, Choopan took the stage hoping to show improvements.

This is expected to be the duo at the top of the scorecard once again this year. During the Pittsburgh Pro, there will be a preview for what to expect come the Olympia.

“Back in the states ???????? after a great weekend @fiboofficial ????????
Ready to crank it up another notch.
@npcifbbpropittsburgh is just a few weeks away.”

Derek Lunsford spent time in Germany over the weekend at Fibo Official, along with the likes of Jay Cutler and William Bonac. Some elite figures in bodybuilding were present at the fitness event to interact with fans and seek about the current happenings. Now, Lunsford is back in the gym preparing to reach his goals.

Derek Lunsford recently opened up about his battle with depression.
Derek Lunsford Instagram

2024 Pittsburgh Pro Guest Posers

There will be a total of six guest posers scheduled to be at the event. Chris Bumstead is also slated to make a special appearance but will not be posing:

Lunsford pulled off an incredible victory during the 2021 Olympia when he defeated Shaun Clarida for the Men’s 212 title. Following the show, he put on an incredible amount of muscle and showed it off as a guest poser during the Pittsburgh Pro. It was clear that he would be unable to get back down to compete in 212 but that was the plan all along.

Derek Lunsford is one of the elite competitors headlining the group in Pittsburgh come May. He is back in the gym preparing to put together his all-time greatest physique ahead of the 2024 Olympia.

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